Thursday, December 11, 2014

Jail of 118 Years for the guilt of Jeddah Flood Disaster

Saudi court has announced its verdict against guilty people who were involved in Jeddah flood incident years back. This case was proceeding since 2009 and people who got affected by this deadly flood were waiting for justice. The casualties occurred due to this flood were about 120 people and loss of millions Riyals of general public. There were several persons accused for responsible against carelessness which caused this incident to happen. The court of Grievances announced its verdict against several people accused for causing this drastic incident. The court has given its verdict against 39 people and charged them collectively with fine and imprisonment. The court has given 39 verdicts those 45 defendants of criminals and released 79 persons of being involved in flood incident.

The court charged these 45 persons with collective punishment of 118.5 years and a fine of SR 14.17 million. Such a huge liability is the verdict announced for disaster and trauma faced by people due to careless or internal fraud of contractors which caused such a huge financial and life loss to kingdom. The court has rejected all appeals in this regard and has announced one and final verdict for this pending case for 5 years. There were 32 cases filed on this disaster which comprised of 131 defendants. Such a huge uproar was occurred for the first time in Jeddah. The incident caused serious consequences for natives due to which people became so sensitive about this issue. Now when court has announced its final verdict in the light of all evidences and consultation, 79 people have got free from this charge. The court has forwarded its verdict to Makkah governor to pronounce and release person from charge who have proved innocent. Moreover proved guilty of this case have been pronounced to be charged with imprisonment and fine.

The punishment of this case would cover all high ranking officials belonging to all professions like engineers, expats, contractors, service department and any other worker involved as guilty of this incident. The charges have been put on all above mentioned officials in any case for being involved in any activity which caused this event to happen. No matter it is about misuse of authority, misuse of public money, involvement in illegal activities, and acceptance of payment of bribery in this regard of any other concern which indicates fraud in this case.

The victims of Jeddah flood were more than 10,000. 120 out of them lost their lives and about 10,000 got deprived of their homes and residence. The investigation teams have consulted 300 people for case inquiry and involved about 300 companies. The flood not only caused loss for common public but also let down government in despair by emergent establishment of 14 emergency projects for rehabilitation of people in 2009. These projects consisted of Um Al-Khair and Samir dams. Additionally government started project of five new dams in order to avoid any of this situation in future.

The worth of contracts for  these dams was SR803 million to build four dams in Wadi Ghaya, Wadi Um Hablain, Wadi Daghbaj, and Wadi Briman. Moreover another contract was started for worth SR372 million to build a dam in Wadi Ghalil.

Source: Arab News

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