Monday, December 1, 2014

List of Banks in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

We have already published articles about each and every single bank operating in Saudi Arabia. We have compared the services they offer to customers, level of their services, saving and current accounts they are offering to the customers, house loan, personal loan, auto financing and credit card rates from each and every bank operating in Saudi Arabia. You will find these details in the tab of related articles given at the end of this page. Today I have come up with the list of all the bank branches operating in two major cities of Saudi Arabia namely Jeddah and Riyadh. I have provided the toll free number of each bank, phone number of each branch, email address and website address. I hope you would like this information.

Banks in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Arab National Bank Toll Free: 8001192222  
Akariah, Olaya    4191000,
Akariah, Olaya (Ladies Branch)      4600065

Bank Al-Bilad Toll Free: 8001230000      
Batha Main Street        4134486
King Fahad Road 4624909
Takhassusi Street        4834647

Bank Al-Jazira Toll Free: 8002440404  
Olaya St., Near Moosa Centre.      4616320

Banque Saudi Fransi Toll Free: 8001242121 
Maather Road, Near Marriot Hotel  4022323, 4042222
Olaya Branch      4646533, 4646523
Naseem Branch   2325194, 2302525
Sulaimaniyah Branch   4634420, 4630772

National Commercial Bank Toll Free: 8002443333       
Batha Branch      4010086
Malaz Branch      4776450
Olaya Branch      4644604
Shifa Branch       4211193

Al-Rajhi Bank Toll Free: 8001248880     
Olaya Main, Akaria Bldg       2116000   

Riyad Bank Toll Free: 8001242225
Riyadh       4113333   
Batha        4032446   
Olaya        4655332   

Saudi American Bank (SAMBA) Toll Free: 8001242000             
Nakheel Branch 2052457     
Kingdom Center 2117007
Shefa        4230017   
Olaya (Ladies Branch)  2158666   

Toll Free: 8001248888         
Batha King Faisal 4043196   
Olaya 4657171   
Olaya (Ladies Branch)  4657822   
Takhassusi 4649446   
Al Faisaliyah       2734459   

Toll Free: 8001243000         
Al-Dabab Street 4010288, 4067888       
Olaya Branch 4647177
Malaz Branch 4766552

Banks in Saudi Arabia
1.   Al Bilad Bank
3.   Alinma Bank
6.   Riyadh Bank


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