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List of Best Gynecologists in Riyadh

Making a decision to deliver your baby is a decision which should be taken after considering several factors. Most of the western expatriates don’t prefer to have their babies delivered in Saudi Arabia. They try to give them birth in their native countries. Some Asian expatriates however prefer the child birth here in Saudi Arabia. This is an important decision which should be made after consideration of many factors which have already been covered in this link “Factors to consider for Child Birth in Saud Arabia”. I would strongly recommend you to read it before making any decision. Once of the factors listed there is the choice of a good gynecologist, hospital or clinic. In order to help out our readers living in Riyadh, I have provided the list of all good gynecologists, hospitals or clinics who deal with the maternity cases. Find the list below;

List of Gynecologists in Riyadh
Al-Ajaji National Clinic
Location: Al-Masif, Al-Rabea St.
Tel: 4545453

AL-Badri Medical Center
Location: Al Maseef, Exit 9, Imam Saud Bin Abdulaziz St.
Tel: 4509000

Al-Ewan Medical Center
Location: Al Sulaymaniyah, Tahlia St., Opp. Home Centre
Tel: 4631606

Al-Faisaliyah Clinic
Al-Faisaliyah, Prince Salman St., Exit 17
Tel: 2413391

Al-Hammadi Hospital
Location: Olaya St., Near Akariya
Tel: 4643312

Al-Hellah Medical Clinic
Location: Batha, Tariq Ibn Ziad St., Near vegetable market.
Tel: 4465651

Al-Mishari, Dr.Abdul Rahman Hospital
Al Olaya, North Al-Akariya, Behind Silicon Bldg.
Tel: 4657700

Al-Naseem National Clinic
Location: Al Nadheem, 50th St., Al-Nadwa St.
Tel: 2463331

Al-Nejmah Medical Clinic
Location: Al Naseem Al Gharbi, Kilo-6, Al-sulai
Tel: 2413188

Al-Zamil Medical Center
Location: Al Rabwah, Eastern Ring Road, Between Exit 13 & 14
Tel: 4923000

Consulting Clinics
Location: Makkah Rd.
Tel: 4659100

Dallah Hospital
Location: North of Riyadh, Al-Nakheel Quarters
Tel: 4702911

Green Crescent Hospital
Location: Al Olaya, 20 Abdul Malik Bin Marwan St.
Tel: 4644434

Gynecology Clinics
Location: Al Swaidi St.
Tel: 4265924

Hazim Clinic
Location: King Fahad Area, Near Al-Owais & Theeba Mkt.
Tel: 4542894

Karamah National Clinic
Location: Al Naseem Al Gharbi, Osama Bin Zaid St., Besides Hijaz Market
Tel: 2315480

Man Clinic
Location: Takhassusi St, Rama Bldg., 2nd Floor, Near Panda
Tel: 4803134

Manfoha National Clinic
Location: Manfuha, Haraj Street
Tel: 4581251

Najmah Abdal Shakoor
Location: Al Wazarat, Prince Abdul Rahman Bin Abdul Aziz St.
Tel: 4036267

Naser Medical Centre
Location: Khaled Bin Waleed St.
Tel: 2313527

Obaid Specialised Hospital
Location: Farzdaq Street, Opp Administrative Training Centre
Tel: 4767222

Olaya Medical Centre
Location: Al Olaya, Behind Tamimi Safeway, 30th St.
Tel: 4645501

Olaya Polyclinic
Location: Al Olaya, Thalateen St.,
Tel: 4632691

Salamah Clinic
Location: Aseer St., Behind Al-Makkah Souq
Tel: 4113289

Specialized Medical Center Hospital
Location: King Fahad Rd., Opp Faisaliah Tower
Tel: 4164000

Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Centre
Location: King Fahad St., Between Faisalia & Kingdom Centre
Tel: 4622224

Taif Medical Center & Pharmacy
Location: Takhassusi St., Opp. Al-Rajhi Bank
Tel: 4881133

Thumairi National Clinic
Location: Rowdah #2, Al-Hassan Ibn Ali St., Opp Amro Trdg. Centre
Tel: 4911607, 4911149

Thuwaini Clinic
Location: Al Naseem Al Gharbi , 30th St.
Tel: 2317744, 2316865


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