Monday, December 22, 2014

“Maybe she is not a Satisfactory Wife”

“Her husband married another girl, did you hear that?” said a woman within her hearing distance. “Hmmm…maybe she is not a satisfactory wife in some aspect” replied another without considering that the victim might hear her. Females are the only species in the whole world who will not hesitate to throw dirt on another female without knowing the facts –sigh-. Ladies it was not her fault!!!!! Try placing yourself in her shoes then you will get to know her feelings of devastation and betrayal.

The Arabic society is a masochistic society, under Islamic law the men are allowed to have more than one wives under certain conditions. But men (being men) think that it is their right. Guys!!!! Read some history please!!! Islam allowed polygamy after the battle of Uhd, because too many of the men had died and their widows and orphans were left uncared for. Under these circumstances the men were allowed to marry the widows so that the orphans, especially, girls were treated like daughters and nobody would cast wrong eyes in their direction. It is a normal occurrence in Arabic countries that men marry one girl with respect to the family obligation who lives with the family; the second marriage is with a foreigner who is according to their choice and for the sake of variety. Islam is a religion of balance and under no condition it would have created such imbalance.

Now consider a woman who sacrificed her household, her family, her life style and came to live with a guy. She adopted his life style and did whatever he wanted her to do. After all this, suddenly she came to know that she is not the only woman in her husband’s life. Believe me, she will be devastated. Women by nature a possessive, and to share one thing which is supposed to be yours, even the thought is to kill for (that other woman off course). In Arab society the men not answerable to anybody, they do not inform their wife of second marriage. A wife cannot ask her husband of his whereabouts if he does not come home for many nights. The wife receives the news of second marriage from somebody else. Mostly it happens that two wives live a block from each other and they do not know each other for years. But I will applaud the Saudi men that they do not differentiate between their wives, as it is order in the Holy Quran.

The first wife is never to be blamed for if her husband chose to marry again. If it was her fault she would have been divorced. If they can remarry then they can also divorce a wife as easily. She maybe a perfect wife but alas, she could not provide the variety that men want all over the world. In Arab world, instead of having an extra marital affair like western countries, they chose to remarry!!!!

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