Wednesday, December 31, 2014

How Nada Escaped Child Marriage?

In usual scenarios where I tell you about how much modernized we've become it becomes extremely difficult and impossible for us to comprehend to the fact that even now there are many who still live in the dark ages of civilization. In this era you may find arranged marriages and love marriages both but there are only a few people who support love marriages than those who are still against it. In many households there are restrictions against love marriages but when people do fall in love they are willing to either sacrifice their family or their life. Some of them are probably practical enough to see how their life partner is rather than just saying no on the basis that they love one another. However according to me what is worse is child marriage!

Not many of us would have probably known about this until or unless we've probably read it off the internet or probably watched it on some news channel. Child marriage is basically one of those crimes that means to sell off daughters in the hope that there live and their status would become a bit better. Child marriage is an illegal act. It should not be accepted by anyone. Today my relative objective is to make you aware of one little girl who fought for her right and said no to child marriage. A little girl from Yemen was subjected to child marriage by her parents. She was living with her uncle because he wanted to bring her up as her own providing her with education and a different lifestyle all that would serve her for her well grooming. Nada's parents however accepted a proposal where the man was working in a good company and was paid well. When his uncle got aware of this he immediately said no.

Nada's uncle tried to change the mind of the man by calling him and telling him that Nada isn't a good fit since she doesn't wear the veil and she won't continue to. She loves singing and she wants to make something out of it. In return the man called Nada's parents and told them that he did not want their daughter anymore. This ended one proposal however soon enough Nada was told by her mother to stay and spend Ramadan with a particular family where her uncle agreed till the time Nada had gone missing. She escaped from the house where she was sent trying to return back to her uncle after which she was taken to the Ministry of interior families protection department where Nada's cases were investigated bringing up her parents to be questioned. The result was that Nada was being subjected to marriage against her parents will.

The outcome was such that his father apologized in the fear that he wouldn't be charged of any wrong accusations. Instead he gave full responsibility of his daughter to his uncle. It was extremely wrong for Nada's parents to do something like this even after the fact that Nada's aunt had burned herself to death after being a similar victim. This story went about on different forums where Nada had emphasized that child marriages shouldn't destroy their children’s possible future and their dreams. Girls like her will marry when the time comes but not now when they aren't fully aware of what marriage is. In today’s read I'd like to personally praise Nada and her Uncle for the effort of restoring self-esteem and confidence. Do not put your children in a state where they are unable to communicate with you, give them their time, this childhood that will be with them forever. Don't paint an ugly picture for them, not now. Let them fill their paintings with colors!

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