Friday, December 19, 2014

No Electricity Bill for Employees with less than SR 5,000 income

General Electric (GE) for lighting control systems organized a road show to raise awareness on the importance of efficient lighting solutions. The road show aims to shed light on energy consumption, efficient lighting technologies which will decrease the environmental emission. This road show took place at Saudi General Electric Innovation Center in Dehran Techno Valley. General Electric revealed its Mobile Lighting Experience Center in a specialized ceremony. At this auspicious occasion Governor of Electricity and Co- Generation Regulatory Authority (ECRA), Abdullah Al-Shehri, shed light on various points. First among them was the relaxation in the electricity bills of the retired employees with monthly income less than 5,000 Saudi Riyal. He said that the bills of such people have been submitted in ECRA so that the payment can be made by the government.

He shed light on the fact that Electric Company pays the bills of 400,000 households covered by social insurance. The electric company has allocated a particular number of units to a household depending upon the number of members in that family. If the consumption is more than that allocated number then they have to pay the bills. In case of balance units which the family failed to consume, those balance units will be added to next year’s quota. This also applies to the retirees with monthly income of less than 5,000 Saudi Riyal. Such initiatives taken by the government for the betterment of the country are what makes Saudi Arabia one of the most welfare countries. The stability of the economy can be observed by the fact that the citizens of Saudi Arabia are not required to pay tax. Such economy is a dream for many first world countries. Saudi Arabia invests its own resources and does not allow the populace to face the loss if any by increasing tax load.

Al- Shehri also highlighted the fact that the state supports the electric systems with big loans and invests 100 billion Saudi Riyals per year to operate power generators. He also advised the general public to install isolation systems in their buildings and use high efficiency electrical appliances. He said that the state is changing the meters for the subscribers and ensured on improvement of the service. He said that the state also aims to limit power cut out intervals and installation of smart meters. They provide the readings from the control center that limits the delay in repayments. He invites the involvement and investment of private sector electricity companies to increase the competition and raise the efficiency.

He also stressed that “King Abdullah City for Renewable Energy” is working on the project to develop green energy. “King Abdullah City for Renewable Energy” is an autonomous organization which is responsible to develop atomic and renewable energy program in Saudi Arabia. It aims to create a master plan of a sustainable city near Riyadh and energy laboratories in Saudi Arabia. If this organization accomplishes all its aims then it will bring a revolution in the energy business which could be used all over the world.
Source: Arab News

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