Sunday, December 21, 2014

Obama and Islam – Some less Known Realities

The President of the United States of America, Mr. Barack Obama is one of the most renowned figures in the world. Mr. Obama was brought to power as the first black President by the people of the United States of America with the hope that he will bring about change and reforms for the country. After Obama was announced as President, the people uproar applauded and welcomed him despite the fact that he was called to be Muslim. The story however about Mr. Obama's faith and religion isn't well stated.

Obama and Islam – Some less Known Realities
  1. Mr. Obama is not a Muslim, but he isn't a Christian either. He just keeps himself with his work, his political affairs and strives every day to keep his people happy.
  2. Grand Mother of Mr. Obama is Muslim and she is in Haram now days (24th April 2015) for performing Umrah!
  3. Mr. Obama stated that he was brought up in a Muslim home while he lived an Islamic state, Indonesia.
  4. He was a stepson to a Muslim Man.
  5. His biological Father was also a Muslim from Kenya and throughout his childhood he had heard the ‘Azan’ being called and has many memories connected to the Muslim brotherhood despite the fact that he hasn't accepted the religion of Islam fully.
  6. On many occasions and news channels it was aired that how much work Obama has been doing for the Muslim communities in Turkey etc.
  7. He has attended many Muslim countries after being elected president and tried to finish of racism and segregation as much as possible.
  8. One of the most important and beautiful moment that made me respect him as a human was the fact that he wanted the Muslim brotherhood to occupy the front seats during a lecture he was scheduled to give in a University in Cairo, Egypt.
  9. It has become pretty obvious that Mr. Obama throws Iftaar dinners for the Muslim leaders every Ramadan.
  10. In a trip to Turkey Mr. Obama made an announcement and made a point extremely clear that the United States of America is not a Christian state, it’s a state where people from different casts, creed and religions live as one. I was extremely happy with this. Although I still understand as to why Mr. Obama would not pick a religion? He has continued to support Islam and its fellow community.
Something that I will always want to know and wonder is that whether will there be a moment when he may actually convert to Islam or Christianity? Will this effect to the fact of how much work he is doing for all the communities? There are many questions that cloud up in my mind. Maybe just maybe if I could ever get the chance to ask him these question myself. I'll have too much of these questions for him only now wouldn't I? Obama has given Muslim brothers place in his administration, asked NASA to give in their defense system for certain an Islamic states and he continues to embrace and keep his childhood alive with it. I'm just not sure as to how long will this keep up and for how long will his people continued to support in all of his decisions. Thumbs up for you Mr. Obama!

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