Friday, December 5, 2014

Online Request for Transfer of Sponsorship for Red Kafeel

My new employer has sent an online request for the transfer of sponsorship to my Kafeel who is under Red Nitaqat Category. Now the process is halted, what is the reason?

Question by Visitor
Mr. Steve, I am in the process of transferring from the old company to the new company. My old company has given me my passport and the 3 letters needed for transfer. I submitted them to my new company and they even got my medical done. After all of this was done then my new company finally sent the online request to my old company to approve my transfer. The problem now that came in between is that my old company cannot approve the online request sent to them as they are in red category and their online account has been temporarily suspended, they cannot release any employee or renew anyone's iqama until and unless they don’t come under the green category. So now in this situation what should I do? My new company's GRO even went to the labor office to get me transferred and it could not happen as they told him that the old company has to accept the online request, but my old company says that as they are in red they cannot receive any online request ort approve it. So I have no clue as to what is going on and where my matters are stuck. Is it true that when a company goes in red he cannot approve my transfer online as their account is blocked? It has been over 1 and half months since my new company sent the request to my old company. Please shed your light on this matter as much as you can sir.

Answer by Steve
First of all you should check if he is really in Red Category from this link “Check Nitaqat Category of Kafeel”. If this is the case, your new company does not even need his permission to take your transfer. Your transfer should have been done without involvement of your old kafeel. 3 papers which he has given to you are useless in this case. Ask your company GRO that he should process your case as your Kafeel is red. He did not even have to send the online request. I have explained the procedure in this link. “Procedure to Transfer the Sponsorship if Kafeel is Red


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