Sunday, December 21, 2014

Over 550,000 Husbands are beaten by Wives

With every title I try to make sure that I make it pretty appropriate to the read I would like to make you aware of. By beat here I don't beating up a few eggs for a morning breakfast but I mean beat for hitting, smashing and bruising. It is harsh isn't it? Ha. Well today's read comprises of how many Husbands are beaten up. By that I mean Husbands beaten by their own wives! Quite a shocker isn't it?

Reports have shown that nearly 550,000 complain have been registered by Husbands against their wives as yet to the Waei center of Social Advice. In many countries you would probably find news and headlines to be related to wives being brutally beaten or killed by their husbands. They are treated as the minor in and out of the house. In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to hold the hands of their husbands and now I know exactly how much they touch them within their four walls. Most husbands wouldn't appreciate being touched even after days thinking of the bruise that may still be red or turning blue. I know I'm probably not taking this as seriously as I should be but what can I say there are some things I do like to read on.

I want to ask any of these wives as to why they beat their husbands up. It's not because of money or not being treated right. Husbands in majority of Arab countries are one of the most luxurious people on earth. If you really want to know queens were treated you must see the Saudi woman within her walls during daytime when the whole house is usually handled by the housemaid and she herself can enjoy all the good things in life. In Islam man does not have the authority to beat his wife; this is only implied on extreme cases when she does not agree to follow religion. Now the main question to wonder is why do these wives beat their husbands up? Is it because they want to train themselves? Maybe self-defense training eh? I think not. Why would the husbands complain about that?

These poor husbands try to get counseling done and try to save their marriage and that makes me extremely sympathetic to their situation. Here the wives are definitely wrong. Whatever the case or issue is, I'm sure a proper solution can be reached just by sitting and talking about it. Always remember, violence only leads to more violence. If your husband is kind enough to not use his hand on you make sure you start respecting him and stop your fists right here. Husbands are treated with great care and respect, that's how our Prophet liked it. So make sure you respect them and follow up with what our religion has taught us. Put your fists and rolling pins away ladies. Instead, talk it over a cup of coffee; I'm sure you both will come up with something!
Source: Emirates News

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