Saturday, December 13, 2014

Photos Taken Seconds before they died

Life and Death is part of this life. Everything which has a life will have to face death except Allah. Death is stronger reality of this world than Life. The battle of life and death has been witnessed by the land and sky billions of times and all the times winner of the contest is DEATH. Below are some pictures which were taken only few second before these people died. Everyone has to die but sudden deaths are more didactical than the deaths caused by diseases. Purpose of sharing this post is to teach our readers that they should not repeat the same mistake which caused deaths to the people shown below.

I do not know what the hell he was doing with the teeth of this monster. I think he was cleaning them with the Colgate and crocodile did not like the taste of Colgate with mint. So you know the result.

Lady Died while checking the nozzle of a pistol

Man Died while making fun with the gas cylinder. It blasted like a bomb and it was difficult to even find the full body parts of the victim.

Man acting like a batman in front of a furious bull could not be survived by the hit of solid horns of the bull.

You must have heard that these wild animals are very sensitive with their tails. I think it goes the same way if someone touches your butt. Well, this tiger just tore him into pieces when he tried to bite its tail.

The cutter which is used to cut the trees into pieces can also cut the human body into pieces. The cutter started when he was holding it between the legs causing the loss of his masculinity and life.

Another life taken by the monster when someone was trying to capture the moment with the crocodile. Once you are under his grip, only death can spare you from him.

He was cleaning the window and standing on another window pane. Window pane changed its side and he had to transfer to another world. 


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