Friday, December 19, 2014

Prawn Industry in Saudi Arabia

Like so many other specialties of KSA, sea food is another special feature of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Those who are fond of prawns and other sea foods can visit Jeddah or Damman for tasty sea food. When anyone talks about sea food, the first name that comes in mind of any Saudi is rich sea food at the Red sea. The size of Prawns available at red sea can’t be compared with any other prawns on any other seashore of Middle East or Asian bays. Normally prawns found at sea shore of India are large in size but Saudi prawns are even larger than them. Normally these prawns are called Shrimps in various states of Middle East. Rests of prawns are simply termed as simple sea food.

Anyone who visits Saudi Arabian Natural history society in Jeddah, he can review a rich history of prawn in Saudi culture. It provides various informative facts regarding tasty prawns and their demand by sea food lovers in KSA. Anyone who wants to enjoy Prawn and other sea food items in KSA, better have to go through a small research about sea food availability, its richness in terms of various kinds and different recipes for lavish meals and dinners.

The largest source of prawn supply in Kingdom is National Prawns Company that is situated in Al Laith city near Jeddah. It was established back in 2003 on a large scale. The area consists of 129 squares Km with annual production of 30,000 tons of Prawns. Such huge production of prawns has enlisted Kingdom among top ten producers of prawns in recent years. This industry is prospering day by day due to high export demand worldwide. A huge gross domestic production (GDP) is earned by export of prawns every year. The consumption of prawns inside the Kingdom is half of its actual production level.

There prawns are kept in especially established Shrimp farms where they are nourished under high standard principals of production. Pure sea water is supplied to these Shrimp farms for healthy growth of prawns. NPC before 2010 had established ten farms for prawns in which about 28 ponds have been constructed with pure sea water. Each pond has comprised of a huge area of about ten hectares in total area. In recent 4 years, 13 more farms have been constructed with modern facilities and careful management.

These farms have been established on principal of bio security with modern fine art techniques and care full sustainability. Prawns are produced under careful supervision and overcrowding is prevented in order to produce quality breed. Diverse production of prawns at NPC is undertaken under supervision and quality functioning of more than 2000 employees. Role of Saudi industry in production of prawns is flawless and based on high standards of quality. NPC welcomes other prawn producers to visit farms for healthy production of prawns at home or on personal farms.  It is amazing to know that prawn that comes to our dining tables passes through such extensive processes of production.

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