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Procedure Apply for Turkey visit visa from Saudi Arabia

People working in Saudi Arabia enjoy the highest disposable income in the world. Disposable income means the money they can save after spending all their day to day needs. When we have more disposable income, we may think to visit other countries of the world. While planning your trip to go for vacation, one must consider the city of two continents. Yes, I am talking about Istanbul, Turkey. I have recently visited this beautiful place on earth and would recommend each and every one of you to visit it at least once. Istanbul is more of a spiritual place rather than adventurous place so people who are seeking peace in their lives should visit there. In this post, I will be sharing with you the procedure to apply for the Turkish Visa from Saudi Arabia.

Procedure Apply for Turkey visa from Saudi Arabia
If you want to visit Turkey from Saudi Arabia, it is better to apply for visa at least 1.5 months before your expected travel date. You can also apply for e-visa but the requirements for e-visa vary for each country. For many Asian countries, they don’t allow e-visa unless you have valid American, UK, Australian or Schengen visa. In order to apply for the turkey visa from Saudi Arabia, you will have to follow the procedure given below.
  1. First of all you need to download, print and fill the visa form of Turkey visit visa. You can download this form from this link. Please make sure that all the details entered in the form are correct as per your knowledge. If you are applying with your family, print forms of each passport holders separately.
  2. After this, you need to arrange following documents to apply for turkey visa from Saudi Arabia;
    • Original Passport of all family members
    • Original Iqama of all family members
    • Bank Statement of preceding 3 months is enough for whole family if all the family members are your dependents on Iqama. In case your wife is a working lady, she will have to produce her bank statement as well.
    • Exit Re-Entry Visa for all passport holders
    • 2 Photographs
    • Confirmed booking of Airline ticket – Many people attach only booking without confirmation (Payment) which is cancelled after couple of days. At the time, when officials check your booking, they don’t find it which can become the cause of rejection of your visa.
    • Booking of Hotel in Turkey 
    • Letter of introduction from your sponsor chambered by Chamber of Commerce of the city where office of your sponsor is registered. Recommended: Sample Introduction Letter for Visa Processing in Saudi Arabia
    • You also need to attach travel health insurance certificate issued by your health insurance company. If you have online access to your account with your insurance company account, you can print it yourself. You can also ask the guy dealing with insurance in your company to provide this certificate to you. It is provided free of cost.
    • Copies of all the documents listed above.
    • The fee to apply for the visa is SR 375
  1. Once you have all these documents, you need to visit any of the agent authorized by Turkish Embassy to receive visa applications. The details of the authorized agents to receive visa applications has been given in this linkTry to be there till 8 am in the morning. It will not be very crowded in the morning and your turn will come within 20 minutes. You will have to surrender all your documents including passports. They will give you back your Iqama and one slip for the passport.
  2. The fee for the Turkish visa varies from country to country. You can trace your country in the list below. If your country is not listed below, the fee to apply for the visa for turkey from Saudi Arabia will be SR 350. You need to pay this at the time of submitting application to the officers. This is non-refundable fee.
  3. You need to come back with the token given to you by the agent on the mentioned date. You will find Turkish visa stamped on your passport that day. 
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