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Procedure to Apply for Canadian Immigration

Canada is fast emerging as a land of opportunities after the saturation in US and immigration barriers in Europe.  Citizens of countries with a troubled economy and security situation look towards Canada as a second home to escape from trouble in their homeland. Being a preferred destination, there are many consultants who can advise you and help you in your efforts to immigrate to Canada. They may charge higher consultation fee but they can save you from a lot of hassle, paperwork and time you have to invest in researching about the documentation needed for your immigration. However, if you do research on your own and have ample time on your plate, it will help you learn more things about Canada and what you are going to find there.  You will be faced with fewer surprises when you actually move in to the new country! It is advised that you look into and study the following when planning to immigrate:

Procedure to Apply for Canadian Immigration
  1. Check Eligibility criteria and program: Not everyone can immigrate to Canada. Canadian government has put up restrictions and limits on certain ages, occupation, professional experience and education.  Moreover, you also need to clearly check whether you are permitted to apply for Canadian immigration. Security risks, links to extremist groups, serious health conditions and financial conditions are some of the reasons due to which Canadian government can reject your immigration application. Better not to waste your time if you are (unfortunately) among those who are restricted.
  2. Programs which are available: Canada offers different programs according to your needs. You should complete a survey by the Canadian Immigration website to find out which program you are eligible for since all programs have different eligibility criteria and requirements. Based on this questionnaire, you will know which programs you are eligible to apply for and it will also help you in the process of applying for the program. The good thing is that certain programs can be applied for online without any need of a consultant, hence, saving you costs.
  3. Find which category you are qualified to apply for: The categories are based on skill level and your pervious job experience. The following are the categories you can apply for to immigrate to Canada:
    1. Federal Skilled workers: Individuals are selected in this category based on their work experience, age, previous employment records, employment offers in Canada, language you can speak (English/French). Candidates who have job experience which is similar to the ones given in the following list. Students pursuing PHD Degree or people who have a job offer in Canada can apply for this category.
    2. Skilled trade workers: those who have specific skills as per the following list  in which they have had two years of experience in the last five years are eligible for this program. However, there is a cap on the number of workers Canada allows for each skill category.  Also certain skills category do not apply for those planning to migrate to Quebec.
    3. Quebec skilled workers: This is a special category for the city of Quebec which comprises of majority of French speaking citizens. You should assess your chances of being selected for this category using the following link
    4. Canadian Experience class: Students who wish to lengthen their stay in Canada or those individuals who have had work experience in Canada before, can apply for this category
    5. Investors and entrepreneurs:  Those investors who wish to invest their money in Canadian industries or those who wish to establish their own business in Canada can apply for this category.
    6. Provincial nominations: Different provinces such as Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia can nominate to immigrate people based on their skills, education and professional experience.
    7. Family sponsorships:  If you have family member who have resident status or are Canadian citizens, then you can apply for this category. Spouses who are sponsored have to live in a legitimate relationship for two years continuous or their sponsorship can be canceled as per the new Canadian immigration rules to curtail misuse of this category.
    8. Refugees: Canada also offered refugees from troubled nations such as Bhutan to live and reside in Canada safely.

Settling Down in Canada after Immigration
Hopefully once you have cleared the eligibility criteria and have been permitted to migrate to Canada, you will be flying into Canada and looking for an employment opportunity and a suitable place to live. We have covered this in detail in this article “How to settle down in Canada after Immigration

This article was meant to help you understand the Canadian immigration process and the author has no expertise on the immigration procedure. For complete and authentic information please refer to the official Canadian website for Citizenship and Immigration


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