Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Procedure to Replace Driving License on New Visa

It takes a lot of time to apply for Saudi Driving License since you have to appear in the couple of practical tests as well as computer test. We have explained it in detail in this link “Getting Driving License in Saudi Arabia”. In order to switch jobs, one has to go back to his home country on final exit visa and come back to Saudi Arabia on new visa. Once he is in Saudi Arabia and received his new iqama, he will have to apply for the driving license again. The previous driving license (if it is valid and not expired) will be replaced with the new driving license issued on new iqama. The procedure to apply for driving license on new visa is explained below.

  1. First of all you should have new Iqama in your hand. The procedure to apply for first Iqama has been explained in this link. I would suggest you not to drive in Saudi Arabia even if you have previous driving license. Keep in mind you cannot drive in Saudi Arabia on the previous driving license as it is issued on your previous Iqama. If you meet with an accident, you will be in trouble since you are driving on driving license issued on old Iqama.
  2. Keep in mind, you will have to go to the same city which issued your first driving license. If your first driving license was issued from Jeddah, you will have to go to Jeddah to get it replaced.
  3. Previously you required having a letter from your sponsor to apply for Driving License in Saudi Arabia, it is no more required now.
  4. Deposit SR 80, if you want to apply for 2 years, 200 for 5 years and 400 for 10 years. You can pay this amount through SADAD payment from your internet, phone or ATM Banking. Take a print out of this deposited fee.
  5. Go to Traffic Police Department office along with following documents and ask an agent to prepare your file. He will charge you a little amount like SR 20-30 and make your file.
    • Original Driving License + Copy of Driving License
    • Original Iqama + Copy of Iqama
    • Copy of your Passport
    • 4 passport size photographs
  6. Go inside and you will have to ask from the officer sitting on the reception about the window where you need to submit your documents. The officer will ask you to appear in medical test. Medical test includes eye test as well as blood test. They normally ask you to donate a full bottle of blood to test blood test but if you tell them that you have already donated blood a couple of months of ago, they will just take a sample of blood.
  7. If you have cleared your eyesight test, the officer might ask you to go for a light driving test or may accept your application without driving test. If he accepts your application, he will ask you to wait for a while and print new driving license issued on new Iqama.
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