Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Process to Login to Abshir (MOI) Account

In order to increase the security in the Abshir (MOI) account for the expatriates and nationals of Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Interior has launched an improved process to login to the Abshir (MOI) account. As per the newly introduced improved process of logging into Abshir (MOI) account which has been introduced from 27th November 2014, the account holder will be receiving an authentication code on his associated registered mobile number. This number will only be used once for logging into Abshir (MOI) account. The process for the convenience of the readers of the blog has been explained below. If you don’t have an Abshir (MOI) account, I would strongly suggest you to register for it right now. The procedure for registration has been given in this link “Register for Abshir (MOI) Account

Process to Login to Abshir (MOI) Account
  1. If you have a registered Abshir (MOI) account, you need to open the website of Ministry of Interior to login to it. You can open it from this link “MOI Website
  2. Enter the Username and password and click on the login button. If details entered are correct, you will be lead to a new screen.
  3. Keep your associated registered mobile number active as you will shortly receive an SMS from the MOI containing 6 digits authentication code.
  4. Enter the code you have received on your mobile phone in the new screen appeared after entering the correct login details into the system. After entering the code, just click on the login button and you will be proceeded to your account.

Abshir Service (MOI Account)
  1. Register for Abshir (MOI) Services
  2. MOI Abshir Registration through Ryadh Bank
  3. Resetting Password of Abshir (MOI) Account
  4. Get Refund from Ministry of Interior (MOI)
  5. Check Status of Change of Sponsorship in Saudi Arabia
  6. Find Name of Kafeel Online through MOI
  7. Check Iqama Expiry Date through MOI
  8. Check Available Funds under Iqama through MOI
  9. Check Expiry of Health Insurance through MOI


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