Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Quality of Tap Water in Saudi Arabia

Water is an important part of every living organism’s life. It gives them life. A man cannot survive more than 3 days without water now that can give you the general idea of how much we actually drink water. It's advisable to drink seven to eight glasses of water every day for having a proper and healthy balanced body. In fact maybe it's time; I should hydrate myself as well! *whoosh* Ahh! The things a cold glass of water can do. Can you imagine your life without water? I can't! certainly not! Today, we shall be talking about the quality of water which an expatriate can expect in Saudi Arabia. The basic question which arises in the minds of people is, "can they drink tap water in Saudi Arabia?"

The waters of Saudi Arabia are desalinated. Desalinated water refers to the water that has gone through several processes to add certain minerals into saline water that can then to be used. In Saudi Arabia, there are twenty seven desalination stations that are operated by the Saline Water Conservation Corporation (SWCC). These stations produce nearly more than three million cubic meters of portable water per day. Saudi Arabia is a desert based country. There is a scarcity of water and to compensate for that a lot of precautions have to be taken by the state. There are no permanent rivers and lakes. Rainfall is very minimal too. With the country's rapid growth day by the day, the demand for water is increasing just as much. To cater the needs of the people underground reservoirs have been built as well. It'll be an important fact to note here is that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the LARGEST Country that processes Desalinated water.

With all of this excessive use of water, Saudi Arabia focuses on making sure that they are able to recycle forty percent of the water used for domestic purposes. This recycled water is used for irrigation purposes on farmlands situated in Jeddah and Riyadh. If you are new to the states and are subjected to hair fall it may be a good idea to get a good diet for yourself and make sure you use hair shampoos that have a good balance of zinc. The reason for having hair fall is maybe because of the addition of 0.7ppm of Fluoride in water. To resolve such problems of water it is advisable for residents to install water filter taps in their homes which costs nearly eight hundred Saudi Riyal.

Apart from this the installation takes up to 300 Saudi Riyal. Much of the recycled water is used for farming processes but it also contributes for generating Electricity in a few cities. There are an estimated of 200 Dams built which collect to nearly sixteen billion cubic feet of water. Saudi Arabia's water development all lies upon the Sea and these dams and reservoirs. Without either of them, the country may have to face a big problem since there are a large number of people residing in the country and many keep moving in the state every day.

Hopefully those of you who have made an arrival to Saudi Arabia are supposed to make sure that they value each and every drop. Make sure you install filter taps and keep a good balanced diet since I'm sure you wouldn't want to get bald.

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