Monday, December 15, 2014

Ramadan Guide for Muslims

Every once in a while I make sure I bring on an article that can be a guide to all you readers on certain topics and genres. Today, I have planned for you in a tiny little guide for Ramadan. Ramadan is one of the most sacred months of the Islamic Calendar. For some reason it's always the most favorite amongst youngsters as well as elders. I'm not sure why is that but oh well. A few guesses would be of how much things you get to eat and drink. But well a person can dream right? For many however, Ramadan is about the restrictions on food. Starving oneself from the time of dawn to sunset is a big deal, trusts me! Many people run away from this month for this reason only since they think without food they will die. A man can survive up to 45 days without food, but well some people do not trust science and in these people a few like usual housewives think this month is the ideal blessing bestowed for them to get fit and lose weight as much as possible.

In my previous reads titled Suhoor Tips and Futoor Tips, I made sure that I bring about to your knowledge everything that you need to know related to the perfect diet and how to keep yourself fit and healthy since many problems somehow arise during this month. In today's read, I will talk in general about all the things that make ones Ramadan perfect or at least near to it. Ramadan holds significant importance for Muslims. The reason is that during this month the Quran, which is the Holy Book for Muslims, was revealed to the last Prophet (PBUH). For this reason Muslims from any part of the world come together under the same banner and make sure that they finish reciting the whole Book at least twice during this month to Thank Allah for all the bounties they have been blessed with.

Ramadan holds the blessing of the Most Important Night ‘Laylatul Qadr’ which is better than a thousand nights! In this month the Prophet (PBUH) visited the seven levels of Heaven as well. Fasting in one of the pillars of Islam on which the basis of the religion stand. Ramadan is the month when Muslims fast to practice sacrifice and patience trying to understand the troubles of all those people have to go through everyday who are not that well off and cannot even fill their stomachs with a proper meal more than once a day. Islam is a community, a religion which brings people together under the same banner no matter of what class, color or creed they belong to. In Islam, each and every one is the same. They are all known by just how rich they are in amounts of their actions and worship.

Ramadan is the other name for Worshipping. I don't mean to say that one shouldn't worship the rest of the months but in this particular month while abstaining from food and other worldly activities their full devotion should be towards thanking their Lord and making most of their time by understanding fully what their Lord wants from them. I hope this guide can provide to be helpful to most of you. I'm sure once you know the true essence of Ramadan you'll know exactly how much this month has to offer!

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