Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ramadan Water Intake; Must Be A Challenge?

During Ramadan one of the biggest challenges we face is to go on more than half a day without water. It's a universal fact that a man cannot go more than three days without water. During Ramadan, however our hydration level drops and we think that after Futoor it will be back on track. That is not the case my friends. Our body extremely relies on water! Without it we can be victimized to so many uncountable diseases and illnesses which we think are not important to note.

By reading the title of this particular read the first thought that may have come to your mind would have been whether our water intake during Ramadan is a challenge? Well it certainly is! For an average man the ideal cups of glasses per day vary between eight to ten cups. How much do you drink usually? Not a while long ago I thought of investigating my average water intake. I came to the conclusion that I do not drink more than five! Now that explains a lot since why my thirst level increases dramatically and I dehydrate a lot after playing football or basketball for merely fifteen minutes!

Water plays an essential part and we are dependent on it. From our tears to our sweat, every drop contains and depends upon our water intake. Have you noticed that some people tend to stink a lot after they play? The reason is because they do not hydrate their body often. Moreover, color of your urine is also dependent upon the water intake. The darker shades or yellowish orange show that you are under extreme dehydration and the lighter whitish yellow shade represents of normalcy.

It's extremely important for us to keep a regular check on our water intake ESPECIALLY during Ramadan because here we are bound to wait when we become thirsty till Futoor. To help most of you the ideal way to overcome your water intake problems during Ramadan is by starting from Suhoor. At the time of Suhoor, before eating drink a glass of water. This will be enough to make you strive through the day easily. At the time of Futoor eat plenty of fruits that contain high levels of water like watermelons etc. They will not only balance your levels for thirst but also give you the energy you need for Taraweeh prayers. From Futoor to Suhoor make sure you have at least five glasses of water. During Iftaari take two.

What I generally do is make sure that after every one hour I drink a glass or half a glass. While going for Taraweehs I keep a bottle of water with me so that I may hydrate myself after every three or two intervals. This keeps me hydrated and fills in my requirements. If you think that drinking a lot of water will make you run off to the toilet every now and then don't fear since urine flow will get your blood pressure levels are on track as well. It will also ensure that your body is functioning properly throughout. So the next time Ramadan comes by, make sure you welcome it and accept the Water Intake Challenge more than the Ice Bucket one!

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