Monday, December 22, 2014

Real Men Do not Use Condoms?

Population Growth Rate
Population growth rate in Saudi Arabia is 1.88% in the year 2013 as per the figures shared by the World Bank. Saudi Arabia is ranked at the 67th number in terms of growth rate of population as compare to other countries. It is not surprising to see that top 4 countries with respect to population growth rate in the world are Arab Countries. Oman, Qatar, Sudan and Kuwait are leading the table with the population growth rate of 9.13%, 7.05%, 4.30%, 3.95% respectively. United Arab Emirates is on the 12th and Bahrain is on 62nd number with the population growth rate of 3.10% and 1.92% respectively. In the GCC countries, Saudi Arabia has the minimum growth rate of 1.88%.

Why Population Growth Rate is so high?
Well, there are several reasons for that and I would like to highlight each of them.
  1. One reason is that the religion Islam promotes population growth and Arabs strictly follow religion.
  2. Second factor and I think it is the most important factor is that the Arabs don’t use protection for family planning. It should be kept in mind that Arab countries are male dominant societies in which women have minimal control over decisions regarding family planning. It is well known to everyone that using protection for women can be more harmful than for men. In the below lines, we have highlighted the possible reason why Arab men don’t use protection.
  3. Abortion is Haram in Islam. It is prohibited in many Arab countries. If some doctor is found doing this, legal action is taken against him. Abortion means killing an innocent and there are strong penalties in the Arab world for the doctors involved in abortion 
Why Arab Men don’t use Protection?
Protection is not only used for family planning but also reduces the chances of transmitting many diseases. If someone is having relationship without marriage, it protects the female from being pregnant. But why do Arab men not use protection during relationship? Possible answers are following.

  1. The most important factor of not using protection is that the protection (condoms) reduces the sensation of the time. Well, this point is valid to some extent. You don’t enjoy the time by even 30% of what you enjoy without protection.
  2. Some Arabs are embarrassed to use protection or feel they may interrupt pleasure
  3. Both partners must be comfortable with using protection and be prepared to use one every time they have relationship. Sometimes other partner does not want to use it.
  4. Some people are allergic to latex (rubber). However, there are other products available in the market. For example, those couples who are allergic of latex should use product made of polyurethane (plastic).
  5. Some Arabs say that no protection is 100% guaranteed, so they prefer not to use anyone.

I do not have any issue with increasing population of Arab World, if someone does not use protection in a marital relation; it is not really an issue. But one must use it when he is going out for enjoyment. It saves your whole family from diseases and secures female with whom you have slept from being pregnant.


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