Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Reality v/s General Perception about Saudi Young Girls

Saudi woman is combination of various traits and attributes. She can have multi skills at one time of her age. It would not be justified to relate only a single perception or attribute to her personality. She can have various personality features, with different ideologies and school of thought. Different areas and geological factors also affect perception of a young Saudi woman. Normally young age of a Saudi woman falls between 18 to 24 years. During this time of her age, she can experience different events, can have various kinds of perceptions and may go through multiple personality changes. After passing through several kinds of personality variances, she becomes able to build up a solid personality. A Saudi woman can have different kind of approaches depending on belonging from various cities and villages.

In Riyadh and Jeddah Saudi woman may perceive it normal to enjoy and celebrate university life. Whereas in case of a village native, it may be taken as an impossible idea, even to think about such kind of freedom in life. During young age when a Saudi woman passes through college level to University or professional life, she may find changes in her desires and needs. At this stage, may be the most prior desire of a Saudi woman is to get engaged or get a legal partner to gain stability for her social and moral life.

This way those women who belong to open minded families may expose to entirely different environment and thought process than a woman belonging to a backward area. A young Saudi woman who can travel outside the Kingdom alone may have different analogies than a girl who stay at home without any awareness. Places, environment and education level can majorly affect perception of a young woman in KSA. Normally Saudi woman are more mature mentally than rest of the world. They grow up even faster mentally then their physical age. It is very convenient for a Saudi woman to look much older than her actual age. She seems quiet mature, inclined towards life and fast in modern scenario. Though Saudi women have to face several limitations and restrictions in Kingdom still they are equally modern like a western woman.

No matter dresses differ, life style also differs but there is no limitation of having a bold perception. Saudi young women are a living legend of modern ideology and innovative life style. She can adjust in any kind of situation. She enjoys even their limitations and restricted ways of livelihood. She creates different designs of Abaya and designs a classic hand clutch for herself. She listens to Lebanese music and learn make over strategies from various Arab models. She is a complete model of style, educations, boldness and modesty. She is an expert of modern social websites and remains in touch with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. In short limitations could never limit ways and options for a Saudi woman to live life happily.


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