Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Release in place of Final Exit

My Kafeel is issuing final exit to me? Can I force him to get release?

Question by Visitor
I needed your help or advice regarding my dispute with my sponsor. The details regarding dispute is as follows. I gave transfer to my company in the month of April on job offer as Telecom Engineer (NOC Engineer) and still working in the company. Company hired me as NOC Engineer for Mobily - ZTE Project and the project got cancelled due to some reasons (Only Company knows). So company told me to work as Field Engineer but I said I want same profile job which I was hired, and asked them to give me release of sponsorship but instead they are saying that they will give me final exit.

This was my Second transfer and company is deducting my salary for all the expenses for which they paid for me i.e., Transfer Fees (2000 SAR). Even there is no contract signed by both of us and only I have is Job Offer Letter. Now I want to take release of sponsorship from the company and don't want to take final exit. So please if you can help me out or give me advice to what to do in this issue.

Answer by Steve
First of all, it is purely based on the will of employer to issue final exit or release. However, there are some circumstances in which you can restrict your employer to issue you release at demand or at completion of contract. It has been explained in detail in this article. “Legal Right to Transfer the Sponsorship from Employer

As far as charges related to transfer fee are concerned, it is purely the responsibility of new employer to bear all the expenses related to transfer fee as per Saudi Labor Law. If employer is charging something from you, it is clear violation of Saudi Labor Law. It is explained in detail in this article. “Responsibility of Iqama Transfer Fee


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