Monday, December 22, 2014

Saudi Prince to be executed for Murder

It is a rare event in these days that an influential man is brought in front of court and rarer is the case in which a verdict is passed against that influential man. The slogan of our time is ‘Might is Right’ whether that might is wrong or has committed heinous crimes against society or against the government. Though the law is none biased but these days even the law is biased towards the influential, the powerful or the rich. In these tough times, the silver lining comes in the form of Saudi Judiciary which passed the verdict of death sentence to none other than a royal prince!!!!

Yes, Saudi government is THE most non-biased and fair judicial system in the whole world. In the eyes of Saudi government a prince and a beggar occupies the same position and both will be passed the same verdict regarding any crime. The Riyadh Central court passed the death sentence to a prince for murdering his colleague in Thumamah, Riyadh in 2012. The same situation arose in the times of Holy Prophet (PBUH) 1400 years ago, when he laid the foundation of judiciary in land known as Saudi Arabia today. The daughter of an influential man was caught red handed stealing. The punishment was cutting off her hands. Father of the daughter approached Holy Prophet (PBUH) and asked to intervene. Holy Prophet gave the answer which laid down the foundation of an unbiased judicial system that, “if my beloved daughter had committed this crime I would have given her the same punishment.” Uncle of the deceased Adel Al-Mahaimid expressed his gratitude towards the judiciary of Saudi Arabia.

The prince, like any other accused, is allowed to appeal to the Court of Appeal where the case will be scrutinized by three judges. If the appeal is upheld then the prince may launch his appeal in Supreme Judicial Court. These types of cases become an example for the judicial systems all around the world, where if you are royalty then you are immune from the eyes of justice. The influential people always find the ways to bend the law according to their needs. Establishment of such strict judicial system will take a society to the zenith and the rulers will preside in the heart of the populace.

Though, the news of the death sentence is true it is still undecided whether the death sentence will come to pass. As under Saudi judicial law the family members of the victims have the ultimate power in the end. The law is very clear on the execution for murder but, if the family of the victim waive off the charges then the court will also take back the death penalty. They can also ask for the blood money from the murderer and forgive him for the offence. This margin in the law is not only for murder but for any and every crime. This margin becomes highly appreciated for the minor offences for example, shop lifting. If the shop owner waives off the charges then the lifter goes home with his hands intact.
Source: Arab News

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