Thursday, 25 December 2014

Sexual Problems Cause Half of Divorces in Saudi Arabia

I will not be wrong in stating that half of the divorces in Saudi Arabia are just because of not understanding the physical needs of partners by each other. Marriage is not only for man and woman. Both of them should understand the body needs of each other in order for marriage to sustain. Almost all of us will agree that physical needs of men are completely different from women. What men expect from women is not necessarily 100% fulfilled and same goes with female. Understanding each other is the sole solution for a marriage to be successful.

Now Saudi government has taken this issue very seriously and launching a very innovative idea to reduce it to an acceptable level. They are introducing marriage counselling or marriage training program in next couple of years. I have published a separate article upon such program and you can read it in this link. “Marriage Training Program”. There can be another solution of including sex education in the syllabus of Saudi students. In contrast to western studies, this education is not included in Saudi Arabia. Male or female get to know about it from family members who are close to them or friends. I think including this education in the syllabus can reduce the divorce rate significantly. It is not very awkward since Quran educates its readers about it without any shame. If Quran the most respectable book of the world does not feel shame in providing this education, why should we?

If it is so important issue, why is it not highlighted before? Well, in Saudi Arabia people don’t talk openly about this issue. They don’t talk about the physical needs and all that in their families or social gatherings. Even if it is an issue of separation between husband and wife, they would present a separate issue of separation to the public. Divorce rate in Saudi Arabia is very high as 82 divorces are taking place every day. Active actions from government and NGOs are required to control it.


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