Wednesday, December 17, 2014

6 Golden Rules for Successful Marriage while living in Saudi Arabia

Marriage is one of the most important relations in any one’s life. This relation gives birth to many more, extends ones family in many possible ways. For many people, marriage is their imagination and fantasy which they want to execute with the perfect life partner. However, that is imagination. Not everyone can have a perfect life partner, can they? If they did there would have been no room for imperfection right? In today's read, my basic target is for you readers to have a clear idea of how to spend a successful married life. If you think that I am an old man aged in my seventies you are greatly mistaken. But maybe I can give you a picture of what my perception has been of having a perfect successful marriage.

  1. Friendship between Spouses: I have often heard that it’s not the lack of love that makes marriages unsuccessful but the lack of friendship. I don't know how many of you would agree with my perception. For some reasons, I always have believed that marriages isn't all about love, it's more about compromising and sacrificing. Marriages can be idealized around love but cannot be lived along with only. There are more elements that have to be carried along just as much. For Instance, like I mentioned here above ‘friendship’ plays an important part in marriage. By this I do not mean for anyone to marry their friends, certainly not! Friendship can be developed after marriage. For most women, after marriage seem to loose contact with their friends. Then the most important friend to them has to be their husband. Sharing and confiding in them can help one a lot. You'll know that won't give away your secrets and you know they'll guide you properly too.
  2. Honesty is the best policy: Number two that I think is important in ANY RELATIONSHIP is ‘honesty’. Honesty plays an important part in any relationship. Whether it be friendship or relationships with lifelong commitments. I believe there is no room for lies especially if you have a life commitment to someone. One lie can cause deterioration and hatred.
  3. Compromise and Sacrifice: Along with honesty, one must practice how to compromise and sacrifice. One cannot always do things in his or her own way. If that's how one has always been used to, it's best to change their habits since that cannot be accepted by everyone. Old habits die hard but they eventually do die off. It's best to give them a proper funeral when needed. If you can put your habits aside it means you value your relationship and especially that person more than your ego.
  4. Be the first to Apologize: This also includes that you should be the first one to end a fight or an argument. Make sure that your argument or fight doesn't go on for days. Apologize and get it over it. Let your partner know that you can accept a No and you value your relationship and it’s okay to be wrong.
  5. Never Expect Perfect Match: One can't always have the right match! A friend of mine once said that Opposites always attract. I know he meant this for physics but it implies here well. You can get to know much about the other. It isn't at all necessary that love marriages will be a better fit. Arranged marriages can tend to last just as long in fact longer in most cases that I have observed. However all of this certainly doesn't mean that you shouldn't love your life partner. That is the basis for any relationship. Never give up if you haven't even started. Give your relationship ample of opportunities for them to know what's more important.
  6. Care and share: That's another important thing to remember. What I genuinely believe is that any marriage will last as much as their time is designated to last. It's always good to try and give your best to it. It's advisable never to give up on your life partner. They are always going to be here if everyone else leaves your side. Make sure that you must give them the highest stance in your life and know that without them you won't have much of a life. That's what love is about. Happiness in marriage will follow soon enough!

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