Thursday, December 25, 2014

The World's Most Expensive Kiss for $ 81,000

The world’s most expensive kiss was sold by the actress and model Elizabeth Hurley for 50,000/- pounds or $ 81,000/-. If you calculate this amount in Saudi Riyals, it amounts to more than SR 300,000/-. Her wealthy fan kissed Elizabeth Hurley in a singing program of Elton John. Elton John who has millions of followers all over the world organized this program for a charity of AIDS victims. Sources have reported that Elizabeth Hurley hugged and kissed him on his lips. Elizabeth Hurley who is 49 years old is still has very strong fan following.

Elizabeth Hurley was kissed by an Indian who belongs to the banking sector. Julian Bharti donated $81,000 to the Elton John’s AIDS Foundation. Julian Bharti said that he talked to father of the Elizabeth Hurley that he wants to kiss Elizabeth Hurley and in exchange of it he will donate $81,000/-. Next moment he was carried to the stage. The news of affair Elizabeth Hurley with the wild life photographer David Yaro is in the news now days.

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