Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Third Eye is watching you in Saudi Arabia - Be Careful!

People from Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh strive to come to Saudi Arabia. The reason of coming to Saudi Arabia is very simple since they cannot earn a good lifestyle in their native countries. People from western countries also don’t miss any opportunity to come to Saudi Arabia. Reason is that they cannot save as much as they can save by living in Saudi Arabia. However, in order to gain something you have to lose as well. Life in Saudi Arabia is a little boring for expatriates. If I share my personal feelings with you, I wait for the weekend whole week and wait for the start of week for whole weekend. Especially if you don’t have your family here, it is very difficult to live. This is the reason people spend most of the time on internet, sending messages, making calls to friends etc. The purpose of writing this article is to let you aware about the third eye which is watching all your activities.

  1. Porn or Vulgar Talk: Whatever you are sending through emails, SMS, whatsapp, skype, Line, Viber or any other kind of service it is thoroughly scanned. You must know that porn is strictly banned in Saudi Arabia. They have blocked all porn websites in Saudi Arabia. If you are sharing such kind of pictures or videos from your computer or phone, you might be at risk. Some Saudi citizens have been caught and punished on the offense of sharing this kind of stuff on social media and in personal message. Some expatriates have also shared their stories with us when they were caught and deported due to this issue. Avoid sending messages with bad wordings and specific words which I don’t want to use here. Anything related to porn is not tolerable in this country. In fact, if you want to bring DVDs from your native country, all of them are strictly checked by the officers on the airport. Without showing them these DVDs, you cannot bring them here.
  2. Political Discussion: Second aspect is more important than what I have already mentioned. I was told in the very first month by one of my colleagues that I should not be talking about the politics in open. You should not even talk about it on the phones not even in SMS. They have strong intelligence system and one of the best networks of the world. They can easily scan you and if anything of it is against government, you will be in trouble. I don’t know any such person who is caught for this offense but I have heard stories from all those who have been living in Saudi Arabia from decades. They don’t spare Saudis for this offense and you are an expatriate. If you are living in Saudi Arabia you must know the difference between expatriate and a Saudi National.
  3. Videos related to Accidents and Terrorist Activities: Almost all of us have some presence over social media. We share, like, comment, tweet and retweet whatever we like. However, if you are living in Saudi Arabia you should be damn careful about it. Some days ago, when videos of Dammam bomb blast went viral on social media, Saudi government issued a circular that sharing this kind of videos or pictures over social media is a crime as it creates panic among general public. If you are caught doing this, you will be in trouble.
  4. Illegal Information: I have been noticing a trend of sharing illegal information on social media. Some people share information related to a guy who can fix issues related to Jawazat under the table. They think that by sharing this information, they are doing well to the society. Believe me, you are not making anything good for the society. You are promoting a culture of bribery and will be punished if caught by the authorities.
  5. Pictures without permission: It is not allowed to take pictures or videos of anyone and share it on social media. If you are caught taking or sharing pictures or videos of someone without his authority, you will be fined with SR 500,000 for such offense. Recommended: SR 500,000 fine for sharing private videos of others on Social Media
  6. Anything against Islam: Being a human being it is our moral duty to respect each and every religion and people who belong to that religion. Islam is the official religion of this country and if you share anything against it, believe me you are not going to find a safe place in Saudi Arabia. However, it is my personal suggestion to learn about Islam before sharing anything against it. Believe me, you will end up in embracing it. Recommended: 2,100 lashes, 7 years Jail to the Indian Arrested over Haram “Temple Photo”

Problem is that we don’t feel the above two instances as crime in our countries. Yes, terrorism, blackmailing and other stuff are crimes and obviously this article is not for those who commit these crimes. The purpose of writing is just to let my dear readers aware of the third eye which is always watching you. So, Be Careful!!!

Cyber Crimes
  1. Punishment for taking photos of Women in Saudi Arabia - Criminal Act
  2. 1 Year Jail for running a fake account with female name
  3. SR 500,000 fine for sharing private videos of others on Social Media
  4. SR 500,000 Fine, 1 Year Jail - if your Facebook Status is defamatory
  5. 8 Never to do things on Facebook to avoid Trouble in Saudi Arabia


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