Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Useful Tips by MOI for Saudi Nationals

The Ministry of Interior bears the responsibility to serve citizens and residents, achieving security, stability, and tranquility. The Ministry has issued some guidelines for the Saudi nationals regarding their national identity cards. These guidelines are for the safety of the civilians as well as record keeping by the government.

  1. Father’s first name cannot be given to his new born son if the father is alive because two living people in the same family register cannot have the same name. Similarly, if a person has two living sons, he cannot give the same name to both of them, if both are alive.
  2. Under Saudi law every national is allowed to have only one national identity card, one civil record and one family register. It means that a person cannot be registered in more than one name. A civilian is not allowed to use identity card or a family register of another person. A civilian is only allowed to have one passport in accordance with the National Identity Card. Dubious or fake identities when found will be punished according to Saudi law.
  3. It is against Saudi law to employ a minor less than 15 years of age. If under duress of any financial conditions he claims to be of 15 then, the employer should ask to see the national Identity card.  The child labor is prohibited under any and all government and public institutions including, schools, university and private institutions and companies. During audit, if a minor or any person who doesn’t have the ID card but he is a minor is found, penalty will be given to that company or institute.
  4. The national Identity card and family register are required for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia only. The citizens are not allowed to take the card while travelling abroad. The citizens will not need to show their National identity Cards while travelling, their passport will be the only required identity document. That’s why are allowed to carry their passports only. People who will violate this law will be punished accordingly.
  5. In case of loss or damage of the national Identity card or family register, report must be immediately submitted to the nearest Civil Affairs department, it should not be delayed more than 15 days. Report of the loss or damage to the National Identity card should also be made immediately to the Police and National Defense Administration and after this a replacement request is submitted in Civil Affairs Department.
  6. Those who have old national identity cards they have now expired as the last date of expiry for males was 11 September 1997 (9/5/1418H), and for females was 5 June 2006 (9/5/1427H). All Saudi nationals are informed hence to renew their national identity card, if they have not done it already.
  7. The specific period of reporting both birth and deaths to ministry of interior for updating your family register does not include the national holidays. Relaxation is given if a birth or death takes place during eid days or other national holidays. 
  8. National identity cards are valid for a period of 10 years from the date of issue, replacement or renewal. If application is submitted 6 months before expiry then the new national identity card will be valid for another 10 months.
  9. It is against the law to keep national identity card or the family register for mortgage. If this kind of situation is found by the ministry of Interior then the person submitting it and the person who keeps it, both will be punished according to the established law.
  10. It is against the Saudi law to keep a copy of the national identity card or the family registers. The person who produces it and the person who keeps it, both will be punished according to the established law.

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