Tuesday, December 9, 2014

10 Tips to find a New Job without losing the current one

Looking for new and more attractive opportunities for job in market is a good practice. It provides a backup plan for you in case your employer intends to cut company operations, terminate employees or stops your promotion or deadlock in case of raise in salary. In such scenarios already found job will enable you to continue with your work routine without wasting time as an unemployed person. It can be risky or difficult for you to find another job while you are committed to one organization. In case your current employer or any colleague come to know about your intention to leave job without furnishing a resign notice may result in loss of your job. One must be careful wide looking for new opportunities. Here are few tips for avoiding such risk to loose job while searching for new job.

Tips to find a New Job without losing the current one

  1. Keep confidential: While searching and applying for new job opportunities, be careful about sharing it with your colleagues or anyone at work place. It may result in communication with any wrong person which will further let your employer know about your intention
  2. Be careful while using office systems for job search: Don’t use office computers or internet domain for communication with prospective employer. It is unethical to use office system for personal purpose and will also let your employer know about your intention that you have applied for another job.
  3. Avoid mentioning work contact numbers on job application: Make sure that you are not sharing any contact number of workplace of peer for job call or correspondence from prospective employer.
  4. Avoid off for new interview: Schedule your interview with new employer on weekends or after you work timings. Unexpected off from work will make employer and your peers suspicious about your activity. Care is better than cure.
  5. Be honest and open in communication:  In case you really have to attend interview with new employer on working hours, try not to lie with you current boss. It is prudence not to share with your boss that you are taking leave for job neither interview nor you have to lie in this regard. This way in case your employer gets to know and inquire further you can clarify your position.
  6. Avoid notable changes: If you are visiting work place at the day of interview, you should be less formal than one has to for interview, manage it somehow to avoid looking as formal as for an interview.
  7. Check your online privacy: Avoid mentioning job interview call on your social circles and online profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or any other place where employer or any colleague can access.
  8. Don’t involve colleagues for guarantee: In case reference is required for new job, don’t ever mention names of your current peer or employer. It will not only ruin your position at workplace but would also loose opportunity for new job.
  9. Wait for final selection: Until or unless you get a written final selection for your appointment at new job, don’t communicate it with anyone, even if you are too much assured about finalization of your selection.
  10. Retain goodwill in any case: Don’t lose your current job until you have not got the new one. No matter how much tougher the situation is, face it instead of running away. It will not only affect your market repute but would also leave a wrong message about your abilities at your current workplace.

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