Monday, December 29, 2014

Tips to plan trip to go out of Saudi Arabia

So you have been availing the great professional opportunities in Saudi Arabia and have a collected a stash of well earned tax free money. Naturally, you must be itching to spend some of that money and if you are not interested in booze, girls and expensive toys than the next best option for you is none other than vacationing. Now as soon as the word vacationing is mentioned an image rises to the mind of beaches, bonfires, skiing or snow capped mountains. But there are some things you should keep in mind while vacationing to keep it a happy occasion and not a headache inducing journey.

  1. Plan your destination: firstly discuss the possible destinations with the people who are travelling with you. Your fellow travelers’ expectations from the vacation whether it is relaxation, fun adventures, historical sites or lifelong memories will enable you to decide your destination. You also have to keep in mind whether you will be travelling with kids, elderly or with kids while deciding your destination. While you may take more time after choosing a destination to find great deals on travels and hotel arrangements, doing a quick online search of approximate costs to travel to each destinations may help our narrow your choices based on our budget. Keep in mind expenses to travel, stay, eat and play while you are developing your estimates.
  2. Making travel arrangements: compare the flight prices, different airlines can offer widely variant prices for similar flights, so be sure you shop around if you are planning to fly. Before booking, find a flight and hotel booking website if you are planning to fly. Always consider alternate transportation options, while flying may be the quickest way to travelling long distances, other options such as train, bus or even renting a recreational vehicle may be more economic and fun filled especially if you are travelling with children. Reaching the destination is the only transportation consideration; you also have to pre book the transportation by which you will be travelling to hotel, transportation for local travel can be booked by the hotel.
  • Finding accommodations: find a hotel booking website as it can help you compare hotel prices, ratings and amenities. Consider options like free breakfast, free wifi, in room amenities and good view. If you are in for an active vacation then you should go for cheap hotel, but if you are planning for a more relaxed vacation then, you may want a comfortable place to relax in luxury. You should also consider other accommodation options such as guest houses for family, local bed and breakfasts which have a more homey feeling.
  • Planning activities:  buy a travel guide, they will have suggestions for activities and then choose activities according to your travelling companions. If you want to do something fancy like a whale watching trip, a sunset cruise or a very fancy dinner then make reservations ahead of time.
  • Packing and preparing to depart: always have some extra cash for your trip in case if any surprise expanses, make a checklist of the things you are going to need for your trip. Always keep a first aid box in your hand carry for emergencies. First thing you should so while packing is checking the weather of your destination and always pack your clothes according to them otherwise you might have to buy some extra clothes from the locality which will result in extra expenses.

  • These are the things to do if you are leaving for a vacation to another country for vacations. But if you are planning to visit your own country and your family in your vacations then you just have to pack according to the weather conditions in your country and have some extra cash for your expanses in case you are the head of the house. Secondly if you are visiting your family then you must buy gifts for them as well. There are number of things that are famous in Saudi Arabia especially the jewellery and the dry fruits. The non alcoholic perfumes are pretty famous all over the world and you can easily buy them as gifts for your friends and family. One thing you should keep in mind that you are not allowed taking arms, ammunitions and seedlings of date palms out of KSA.

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