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Top 10 Laws Violated by Expats in Saudi Arabia

Ignorance of law is no excuse therefore expatriates living in Saudi Arabia must know the laws of land. Here we are going to write about the laws commonly violated by the expats in Saudi Arabia. Violation of law puts the offender in great troubles. He may be punished, imprisoned or even deported in some cases. So it is important for everyone to get knowledge about laws and not to violate them to avoid any kind of physical or pecuniary punishment. Those who are working here to get a good living for their families in their home lands must not waste money in payment of heavy fines.

Top 10 Laws Violated by Expats in Saudi Arabia
  • Using an Illegal Satellite TV:  Usage of illegal decoders for satellite televisions is an offence. Institutions such as Arabian Anti-Piracy Alliance have been formed to trace the usage of illegal decoder boxes. They have hired special teams to trace the illegal usage of the satellite. Use of illegal satellite is not only a hazard for thousands of employees of the TV industry rather it is a great crime in context of violation of copy right laws in Saudi Arabia. So, one shall understand that use of illegal satellite decoders is not a blessing rather it is a crime and can cost to ones stay in Saudi Arabia.
  • Being in possession of Alcohol: Alcohol is prohibited in Saudi Arabia. Laws are so strict about alcohol that one may not find his favorite mouth wash Listerine that contains a ratio of alcohol as ingredient. If someone is found in possession of alcohol in Saudi Arabia, he will be given high fiscal punishment and will also be imprisoned for quite a long time. We have detailed the laws related to alcohol drinking in detail in this link. “Drinking Alcohol (Liquor) in Saudi Arabia
  • Illegal Employment: This offence covers the scope of both the employing of someone staying on illegal documents and personally working while using someone else’s documents. This will result in punishment of the offender. Up to now more than 1 million expatriates have been deported because of this crime. Illegal employment includes working on Azad Visa, working for someone other than Kafeel, working on dependent’s visa, and working on Umrah or Visit Visa.
  • Littering: Littering may not be a serious offence in the native country of an expat in Saudi Arabia but it is a crime in Saudi Laws. There is pecuniary punishment of thousands of Riyals for this offence. Someone may think that no one is watching him doing littering but the matter of fact is that it is not unseen.

  • Jaywalk: Crossing a road through an unspecified point is jaywalk and is an offence under the Saudi law. The offender can be imposed fine and can also be punished otherwise. Traffic is very much fast in Saudi Arabia, jaywalking can also cause accidents. It is also a great hazard for the person and other road users as well.
  • Washing cars on roadside or letting the water flow on road otherwise: An expat may think that washing car on roadside will save him some money. One must know that this is not a way of saving rather it will amount him in violation of law in Saudi Arabia. Washing cars on the roadside or the flow of water from AC or otherwise on road is prohibited by law. Hundreds of people are fined every year because of this violation.

  • Unmarried Couple Living together: one can live in a shared living to minimize the cost of living. It is important to know that sharing the apartment with a person of opposite sex who is not having a blood relation is an offense. Saudi Arabia is governed by Islamic laws, so two unmarried persons are prohibited to live together. It is a crime and can be punished or fined or both the punishments can be pronounced. It is important to note that deportation of offenders is most probable in this case. It is called Khilwa in Saudi Arabia. “Married Couple caught for Khilwa Offence
  • Use of illegal phone/calling cards: Many expats buy cheap calling cards to make calls to their loved ones at home. Saudi law makes it clear that purchase and use of illegal cheap calling cards is a crime. These unauthorized voice calls violate Saudi law and can result in a severe punishment.

  • Sex without Wedlock: Sex without wedlock/adultery is a big crime in Saudi Arabia and will end up in capital punishment for offenders. We have also written another article to explain the situation about this offence in detail. “Punishment of Adultery (Zina) and Homosexuality in Saudi Arabia” Punishment of adultery for married and unmarried persons is different. If a married person commits adultery he/she will be stoned till death. If the same offence is committed by unmarried person he/she will be punished with 100 lashes.
  • Showing affection publically: Public demonstration of love and affection is an offence in Saudi Arabia; it includes hug and kiss to a person of opposite sex. One can hold hand of his wife in a public place but no kisses allowed because it is against modesty and creates an uncomfortable situation for others. This offence may result in an imprisonment and a further punishment of lashes may also be added. In a previous article we have explained this issue in detailed manner. “Punishment of French Kiss in Saudi Arabia

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