Friday, December 19, 2014

Two People Arrested doing Black Magic in Riyadh

If you are new to Saudi Arabia or if you wish to know exactly what things are allowed in Saudi Arabia this blog will prove to keep you all updated with all the things necessary. In today's read my objective is to let you know about sorcery. Sorcery is a type of practice of Magic. Mainly Black Magic is practiced by males who are known as ‘sorcerers’. It usually involves taking in power from nature such as plants or trees, ocean waves and tides etc. With the implication of Black Magic you would have understood that this is an act not tolerable in the Saudi Arabia!

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia black magic, witchcraft and other such acts that are used to harm individuals are STRICTLY forbidden! Saudi Arabia is the land of the peace makers and peace spreaders. It is the Holy ground where Muslims reside and follow the footsteps of their Prophets who preached and spread the religion of Islam for years! Anything unholy or that does not coincide with the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W is strictly forbidden in the Kingdom. Thus sorcery is an act of crime and anyone caught doing sorcery or practicing is held and take into custody there and then only! Recently two men from Sudan have been taken into prison and have been deported as well. They were arrested in Dharma located eighty kilometers north of Riyadh. They were arrested by the police in a house in Jou Altabi area. When the police confiscated the house they found satanic writings, witchcraft tools and certain symbols at the house. They also found SR 5,000/- in their possession.

The two men are under custody and are being questioned about their victims. One of the men confessed that SR 5,000/- were paid to them by a woman who came to them and wanted to cast a spell on her husband that would prevent him from marrying again. The case is ongoing trying to make sure that the victims are safe also to ensure the punishment for the victims should be given as they know quite well that in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sorcery is prohibited and one shouldn't get involved with it in any way! After much investigation the two men were found to be living in Jou Altabi Area for more than a year. They both confessed that they have had nearly forty customers who belonged to different nationalities and creeds. They also added that most of them were women.

It's not easy to do something or commit a crime in Saudi Arabia. If you think you are clever and under the impression that your acts will go un-noticed rethink your decision! No one can hide from the laws and eyes of Saudi Police. Maybe in other countries, people mind their own business but Saudi's take the matter to their state very seriously and they will make sure that the name of their state doesn't come to shame with an individual's acts. Think about everything you do. Make sure you follow the right path and if you wish to come under such practices it's best to leave the Kingdom first.
Source: Saudi Gazette

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