Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Utah Truck Driver with Two Sex Slaves finally arrested

A recent case has been filed in Court regarding slavery of two women by a single person. Prosecutor mentioned that the man kept these two women as his personal slaves for months and assaulted them physically and sexually. The man is known as Vafeadas who is a truck driver from Utah. He is accused of keeping two women as his slaves for 6 months. The prosecutor told the worthy court that the man urged the woman to marry her by his sugar coated words and showed her dreams of a happy life. After been trapped she decided to marry him. After marriage he asked her to move to Utah when she agreed to go there with her fraud husband, he started assaulting her when they shifted to his native home town. She borne severe mental and physical torture for six months and after that she somehow escaped from his custody and reached some safe place.

This is not the end of the story. After the escape of one woman, he trapped another woman who was working at a retail store. He attempted the same strategy on this woman and invited her to join him on his truck for a week. After she accepted the offer for being impressed with his manners and ethics, she again suffered from same loss as the previous woman borne. The age of both victims was 19 and 18 respectively. This case is pending in court and day to day proceedings are continued. The man ‘Timothy Vafeadas’ held that second woman for months, had ground her teeth and suffered her with mental, physical and sexual traumas.

After these two cases, he met another woman at a college and tried same strategy as he attempted in last two cases. The results were again same in this case and the third woman faced the same pain as by other two women. His next victim met him online. The Utah Truck driver is involved in many other cases of same nature. He has been accused of child pornography which is a severe and condemnable crime in KSA. The charges of this crime are most probably capital punishment. He is also accused of kidnapping, involvement in illegal and sexual activities and much other case.

In his case, Vafeadas has requested court to relieve him from all charges of kidnapping, sexual activities and pornography possessions. His lawyer is trying to defend his case well in court despite of severe charges on him. Both prosecutors have prepared well to defend the case in respective aspects. The police have also taken possession of his truck. He was taken in police custody at the complain of his second victim who was found with a damaged face at a weigh station. His prosecutor has declared the station and victim illegal and a drama in case for giving tough time to Vafeadas.

Source: Emirates News

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