Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Western Women living in KSA are not Vulgar Stuff!!

Sometimes people commit such silly mistakes that seem just nothing more than a fun or sick mindedness. One of the examples of these cases is behavior of men with expat women especially western women in Saudi Arabia. There are so many expats residing in Saudi Arabia and are related to different jobs and professions. These women although belong to western culture, still they show great respect and regard for rules and regulations of Saudi culture and try to fully adjust even in conservative environment. Still they have to face several issues which they did not have to face if they were Saudi women. Those men even who look quiet gentle and decent ask such silly questions to these women as if they have no respect or it is quiet easy to interfere in their personal matters.

It is damn sure that these men could not ask such silly and indecent questions from Saudi women in any case. The basic reason behind this double standard is the simply the mentality to consider western women an open minded or vulgar stuff. Two women shared their experience in this regard. They are western, well-educated and belong to reputable professions. They mentioned that in Saudi Arabia it is so easy for their fellow workers to ask such personal questions from them as if they are their legal partners or have intimate relationship with them. They even dare to ask about their relationship status, virginity, their thoughts about open relationship or anything related to physical connections. It is obvious that it is impossible for such men to ask such questions from any Saudi women.

This discrimination clearly shows that they regard expat women from western countries lower than a Saudi woman. KSA welcomes every nation to travel in Kingdom for business, jobs or for entertainment or religious rituals. This kind of attitude is affecting performance of expat women who are residing in Kingdom for any kind of task. In order to prevent such situations it is necessary for these western expat women to ignore such fellow member and even make them realize that they are absolutely wrong in their perceptions about western women.

Those men who don’t get too close in this way may ask any other kind of personal questions like marital status of these expatriate women, nature and details of their work place, their income level and personal life information queries. Obviously it is quiet indecent and heart throbbing to experience such kind of attitude at work place. Moreover, this kind of double standard attitude of men is widely damaging repute of Kingdom all over the world. These are an immediate need to stop this kind of activities especially on the edge of these western expatriate women.

They need not to be harsh with their fellow members in this regard they can simply tell them that they are not comfortable at answering such questions. This way they can easily and conveniently pave their way to work peace fully at their work place without any obstacle.

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