Saturday, December 6, 2014

Where to submit the Iqama if Final Exit Visa issued online?

One of the most frequently asked question on this blog is about the submission or surrendering of Iqama in case final exit is processed through the online system using MOI account. It is important to clear here that if Final Exit is processed manually by visiting Jawazat office by government relations officer of your company, the Iqama needs to be submitted to the Jawazat office. However, if the final exit is processed online using MOI system, there is no sense of submitting the Iqama to the Jawazat. If you still have to visit Jawazat to submit your Iqama, what is the reason of introducing the system of issuing final exit online? So question remains there, where to submit the Iqama if final exit visa is issued online? We have already published one article “Do’s and Don’ts of Final Exit

If the final exit is issued online using MOI system, you may or may not be given a print of final exit. You don’t need to worry if the print is not given to you. Earlier it was required to surrender your iqama to the immigration officer at the airport. However, now it is no more required. In fact, when you apply for the final exit, it is clearly mentioned there it is the responsibility of your sponsor to destroy this Iqama in an appropriate way. You are the sponsor of your family and your sponsor is your employer.

New Visa without Print of Online Final Exit Visa
Many agents ask for the print of final exit visa if you want to apply on a new visa. Now the question arises, if your employer has not given you print of the final exit visa, how can you provide it to your agent? Well you don’t need to worry about anything even here. Believe me, this agent is not updated with the latest systems of the visa processing. You don’t need to provide anything to him and ask him to submit your passport without even print of final exit to the Saudi Embassy. Saudi Embassy can check even online if you went after processing of final exit. Just to satisfy your agent, you can give your passport on which final exit was stamped to the agent. He may submit it to the Saudi Embassy along with your new passport just for the evidence.

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