Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Why one should date an Accountant?

Relationships have now become more about math and equality than anything else. You won't find anyone getting into a commitment just because of loving the person. All of this simply depends upon the fact that there must be evenness in all their habits and nature. They should be from similar type of family backgrounds, they must be different. Now since most of us have different perceptions and opinions about their Ideal boyfriend or girlfriend why not give you all a read that may guide you well ladies? Simply date an accountant if you have to! There are many reasons as to why I personally think that Accountants will prove to be better at being boyfriends, many of which I'll be sharing now.

Why one should date an Accountant?
  1. Accountants are people who study and trained with numbers. Their basically trained to handle numbers and given the education that they must be able to set things equal related to liabilities and certain stock holding. They can easily balance out equations to either side. They can help you fill in places where you are weak at and keep things balanced, not too high nor too low!
  2. These people are also very helpful towards the fact that they know exactly how much time they must give to everyone for example work, family, relationships etc. They know the importance of each and they won't let anything exceed!
  3. Similarly accountants are always famous for their quick and accurate calculations that too without a calculator. Your accountant boyfriend will guide you accordingly to the sales at different outlets and stores and make you chose the right type of deal and will make you shine through in every way and you will be able to save much of your money.
  4. This can be taken on a larger scale where you boyfriend will come to your advantage where he can guide you well of what the better deals are while buying a house or a car. They will be there to guide you through every step along the way. What else would you need?
  5. Another factor that you will find in accountants is that they know well how to take and how well to give back. This way you'll know that whatever you do for them will never go to waste. So if you think that you'll always have to do the sacrificing it's best to rethink your decision since he will do a bigger or nice gesture that will make you melt. You'll know that he will always have your back and will always value your love, your care and your concern.
  6. Accountants are like a lifelong investment plan. They will always value your every move. This completely wins me over! This also goes along to the fact that your accountant boyfriend will keep the memories and time he spends with you for a long time. He knows your importance and he will always continue to treasure each and every thing you share with him.
  7. Accountants are very precise and they always make sure that there message is straight and to the point. They always wish to keep things clear. This way there are little places for dramas and misconceptions. They will tell you clear and cut whatever that bothers you for any reason at all.
  8. They have a lot of patience but they value their time so they won't go on playing silly games with you. Instead they'll simply tell you why they are upset. On many places this is one factor that destroys even the best of the best relationships.
  9. Also like I mentioned earlier accountants are trained to give their customers the best possibility that they will always handle their cases with full dedications and that their banking situations are going to be taken care off. Similarly they will always ensure you that they will be right here when you need them, for anything!

In this read I made sure that I give you good pointers and points to make you think about the possibility of dating an accountant. So you can question yourself Why not? However, this does not mean that engineers shouldn't be dated or maybe artists. It's your life and everyone deserves to live it with someone who loves them unconditionally and values their existence and presence just as much as you value theirs. This was just put together for you to think about the other side. So if an accountant asks you out, don't hesitate to say yes, he won't let you down!

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