Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Woman is always responsible for Sexual Assault

Many other parts of the world have come a long way since the days of blaming a rape victim for the attack because the way she was dresses, forever implying that she was asking for it. Because of the strict Islamic culture, the women in Saudi Arabia are treated and acknowledged very differently than the women who live in the west. Wearing head scarf known as niqab with slit for eyes and a long loose black garment known as abaya is compulsory to wear while on the street. If she fails to do so, she might be caught by the HAIA officials also known as Mutawwas. There are many other such laws which are meant to protect the virtue of women in Saudi Arabia. Knowing these facts about Saudi Arabia people might think that women may be very safe in Saudi Arabia from the sexual assault but the statistics say otherwise.

A new poll from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia found that over 85 percent of the men who were asked believe that a women’s eye makeup was to blame for the rise of women’s molestation in public. I think that these men are grasping at the straws to lay their fault at the feet of women. The whole body of women is covered, why will a little eye shadow invoke the lust is an incomprehensible concept. A sad truth is that, this view is not isolated and is common globally. When a woman is raped, some of the first things often called into question are: what was she wearing, where was she and with whom. These kinds of queries insinuate that somehow it is the fault of the woman that she was raped. The rape cases are not an anomaly in the world, the word ‘honor killing’ is a common concept in the subcontinent. The victims of sexual assault are often kept quiet and in rural areas are often killed to avoid dishonor of the family.

Before the law of wearing veil was made compulsory in Islam, Muhammad (PBUH) was asked to tell the men to lower their gazes, but evidently Muslim men have omitted this law from their lives. I think hijab and veil cannot control a man who wants to rape a woman. A woman in the most voluminous clothing will not be able to get basic respect from a man who has none for the women, simply because he has not been taught. Victim blaming can make the woman marginalized and silenced, this is the reason that most victims do not report the case. However, Saudi is forming a first all-female law firm which will work to advance women’s rights in the country. This issue has been well described in this video.

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