Friday, December 12, 2014

Woman Loses her Hair in a Salon in Riyadh

Purpose of writing this story is to let our readers know about such problems. The way that lady trusted on the beautician of the salon, you should not do it. Unfortunately, a woman went to a hair salon in Riyadh for dying her hair. She realized that the beautician is not using the branded hair color. She ensured her that this particular hair color will be very good for her hair since it is made of natural products. But the result was drastically horrible.

The hair dresser put some blue colored chemicals in her hair and covered her hair with the bag. This is a normal procedure used at the time of dying color but there was something different. She was feeling intense pain and heat in her head. These two hours were very painful but she was bearing it for the sake of her beauty. After two hours, her hair were washed and then so called natural chemical was applied in her hair. Her hair was again covered by a plastic bag for two hours. But this time she started feeling more pain. Soon the pain became unbearable.

Woman became suspicious for the first time when hair dressers in the salon started persuading her to have a haircut. In few minutes after that, she realized that her hair was falling out of the plastic bag. At the end of this 4 hours torture, her scalp was hair free. It was just because of believing in the hair dressers who use cheap products to earn more profit. I personally think that we should always use branded products like Loreal and other brands. Whatever someone else says, don’t use it if you really like your skin or hair.
Source: Arab News


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