Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wrong Vaccine sends Schoolgirl in Coma

Medicine is a life giving profession. People related to this profession are most respected in a society. Since the start of civilization healers have had prime position in a working society and this has not changed till now. Their verdict is always the last one and is mostly unchallengeable. But if these pillars of society deviate from the oath that they took, then it leads to mass mortality. The noble profession can turn into a cruel, cold and a life taking one.

The latter example came cross in Taif, Saudi Arabia when a schoolgirl went into coma due to irresponsible administration of wrong vaccine by the medical personnel of Al- Hada Armed Forces hospital. The parents are devastated and demanded the police to bring the wrong doers to justice. The Taif Health Affairs absolved itself of the responsibility by saying that the medical team does not belong to the directorate. The distraught family is still waiting for the medical report which will tell the origin of the problem which induced coma.

This is not an isolated incident, adverse drug reaction is the third cause of mortality in the world, first being heart disease and second cancer. According to a report in Journal of American Medical Association each year about 300,000 die in America due to medical errors. This is a phenomenal number considering America is a first world country. The main cause which comes to mind of medical errors is lack of training for young interns as well as lack of technical training for the nursing staff. The doctors are more interested in reaping money from the patients than actually performing their duty. They give cases to the new recruits or intern who lack in experience hence cause adverse effects and drug overdose. Inefficiency of technical staff has been reported in death of the patient by bleeding from open intra venous canola or from incorrect rate setting of the drip leading to fluid imbalance and hence death. Administration of expired drugs in third world countries is a leading cause of mortality in the poor population as they lack proper education and awareness to check the expiry date.

These days it’s fashionable for the doctors to prescribe unnecessary medication and provide the patient with long prescriptions. The reason for long prescription is a not so well kept secret. Pharmaceutical companies all over the world provide heavy perks to the doctors who give them most business. This has enticed greed in the doctors.  The perks include foreign trips to cash deposits in the banks. Upon observation we will find that is a complete loop in which mismanagement, inefficiency and dishonesty in one department has led to the same in the next connected department, and these are the reasons which are costing the public their lives.

Being a member of medicine profession, I am not against doctors. They are the foundation of a healthy society but due to the same reasons I am able to provide insight and the faults which cause medical errors and adverse drug reactions. If they work honestly then they will be able to provide us with a healthy society, which they are sworn to.
Source: Saudi Gazette

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