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10 Must Visit Museums in Jeddah

Jeddah is one of the most importantly and highly respected cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Amongst many new developments, this city will also be home to the world's tallest tower. It is also one of the major urban cities situated in western Saudi Arabia, also the biggest city of the Makkan province. Along with this it has the largest port on the Red Sea. Jeddah is none like its counterparts. With this people visit Jeddah more and more often and to help them for their tourist’s destinations I've prepared a list on the top ten museums of Jeddah! 

Abdul Raouf Khalil’s museum
To Begin with is the Abdul Raouf Khalil’s museum that completely represents the history of Jeddah that dates back nearly Two Thousand Years ago. This particular Museum has several large buildings, mosque, front part of the citadel, house of Saudi Arabian Heritage, the House of Islamic Heritage, the House of the International Heritage and the Public Heritage Exhibition.
GPS Coordinates: 21.548924,39.168185

Municipality Museum (Bait Al Balad)
Next up is the Municipality Museum which according to the locals of Jeddah was built by a fisherman who collected shells and corals from the Red Sea. At this particular museum you can find many paintings and photographs taken by artists from all over Saudi Arabia.
GPS Coordinates: 21.487752,39.182645

Al Tayabat Museum
On number three Al Tayabat Museum. Al Tayabat is actually a small city with several civilizations. The unique experience that is connected to this museum is definitely worth a visit and experience! This particular museum has about four floors with nearly three hundred rooms containing different exhibitions that all showcase the history of Saudi Arabia. The showcase exhibit old oil paintings, rock carvings, tapestries, traditional Arabic costumes, pottery. You'll just have to see and find out more.
GPS Coordinates: 21.581958, 39.175672

Makkah Gate
On Number four I have the Makkah Gate is one of the oldest gates remaining in Saudi Arabia. This game exists since the city itself and is in important part for Hajj pilgrims who visit the city. It is also one of the largest tourist attractions of the country. Your journey to Jeddah will definitely be incomplete without visiting this Gate.
GPS Coordinates: 21.4852396,39.1927399

Khozam Palace Museum
Next up is Khozam Palace Museum which was built nearly eighty years ago by kind Abdul Aziz. This museum contains the personal belongings of the King himself and the First Muslim Caliph Abu Bakr.
GPS Coordinates: 21.479055, 39.204497

Jeddah's science and technology museum
If you are up for science and technology then this next museum will suite you quite well. By its name Jeddah's science and technology museum illustrates all the science you can possibly imagine with loads of entertainment! Every year nearly Two Hundred Thousand tourists visit this scientific and cultural center. I could not get the GPS Coordinates of this building, please drop it in the comment below if somebody has any information regarding this.

Castle of Cultural Arts
Now I have Castle of Cultural Arts which was established in the 1980's which is a private owned collection by the Saudi Arabian musician Tarik Abdul Hakeem. This museums shows the history of music and the general history of the country. This museum also shows his personal medals. I could not get the GPS Coordinates of this building, please drop it in the comment below if somebody has any information regarding this.

Open Air Museum
Jeddah also holds the largest open air museum named the Open Air Museum, obviously. I'm kidding it's just the museum that you’ll find no matter where you are in the city. You'll find beautiful sculptures, statues and paintings. The first artist that was chosen by the mayor was Abdulhalim Radwi. With his selection he started on the beautification project in the early 1960's. His work brought color to this city, didn't it? 9. Next is the Jeddah Regional Museum of Archeology and Ethnography which is one of the major museums of Jeddah. It had a huge collection of items from the Stone Agent ill the recent culture of the region.

Pasha Mosque

Finally we have the Pasha Mosque that is converted into a real historical museum over the years considering all aspects of the mosque still intact which displays the elements of Islam. 
GPS Coordinates: 21.648866, 39.1012376

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