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10 Things to do in Riyadh during Spring

Riyadh is one of the most busy and beautiful city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you have ever visited Riyadh you would know this well by now. However if you haven't and have plans to soon, make sure you give this article a read before you decide to execute your plan. In today's read I will make sure to give you readers a little insight about the things Riyadh has to offer you. If you've finally decided, make sure you visit Riyadh during the spring time. Obviously it isn't a compulsion but it’s always best to make the best of the best, right?  Have you ever tried golfing in the red sand dunes in Saudi Arabia? Just wandered around the desert? The reason why I suggested spring time for a visit to Riyadh is because it is the best time for camping and making out hiking trips. It's neither too hot nor that cold. It's absolutely perfect! The best locations for hiking are a bit outside of Riyadh which is very easy to locate by asking locals or simply by using GPS. Here is a little basic list that I have prepared taking into account of my trip I made last year. I hope you enjoy it and will look forward to visiting!

Riyadh International Book Fair
My first suggestion would definitely be the Riyadh International Book Fair. That should be pretty obvious since I am someone who is fond of reading. The fair starts usually from the first or second week of March, open every day for twelve hours straight for Adults to Children. The Book Fair is held at the Riyadh International Exhibition Centre where it meets a large number of book readers throughout its time. What's so amazing about this book fair is that you can get quality time to yourself. Leave your children at the play area and explore the thousands of books stalked in for you from around the globe.

Deserting in Riyadh
Since spring time isn't that hot it becomes the perfect time for you to visit the desert where you can feel the desert in full action, blooming after the rain. The most easily to be reached deserts are the Red Sands on the Mecca Highway and Thumamah Sand Dunes in the North.

The National Museum Riyadh
In a few reads previously I've talked about several important museums you may want to visit while in Saudi Arabia and the National Museum is one of them. This particular museum holds an awful lot of exhibitions. When I visited last time, I had the opportunity to attend the Recovered National Antiquities exhibition. Other than the usual show pieces and artefacts you can find a lovely place to take a stroll as the museum has a lovely park with fountains.

Compound Functions in Riyadh
Riyadh holds coffee mornings monthly for the expat women. It is nice to visit a compound function for a change. This Kingdom compound has the largest expat bazar in Riyadh held every Monday of the month and every 11th of the month in Jadawel.


Horse Races in Riyadh
If you are in Riyadh, you must make the time to visit the Riyadh Equestrian Club for the horse races. This is located next to the Janadriyah village. The club open and free entrance to all and the races start after Asr on Fridays. The best thing about this is the different sections for singles, families and VIP. You can book one with complete privacy and ladies wouldn't even need an Abaya.

Playing Golf in Riyadh
Learn to play golf while you are here. If not playing golf, consider watching a tournament? The usual tournaments are held by The Dirab Golf and Country Club held usually towards the end of March. This Golf Club has beautiful scenery, swimming pool and absolutely deliciously food served at the restaurant there.

Riyadh Road Runners
If you consider yourself an athlete or maybe an exceptionally good runner put yourself up for the test. Join the race which is a 10 km race held usually in April for the whole month. Everyone can participate.

Desert Walks in Riyadh
Visit the deserts for weekly exercise walks in the desert area with your fellow expats. However you'll need to ask for details from your friends since it’s not allowed to post group rules online or in public.

Saudi Geocaches
You can join the Saudi Geocaches for getting involved some fantastic desert activities somewhat similar to treasure hunting.

Janadriyah Festival
This festival is a once in a lifetime experience. It is the biggest cultural Heritage and Folklore Festival in all of Saudi Arabia. You can surely not miss out this at any cost!

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