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10 Tips to Increase Sperm Count without Medication

Here we are going to discuss a major cause of male infertility and that is low sperm count. Sperm count is low if it is less than 15millions of sperms per millimeter. It can be low because of some medical problems and it can also be low because of unhealthy habits related to food, dressing and sexual behavior. There can be several reason of having low sperm count and it can be improved if you just change some of your habits. There is a medical treatment of improve sperm count in the body as well but it is better if you change some of your daily habits rather using medicine. If your sperm count does not improve merely by changing your habits, yes go ahead for the medication. Here are some daily habits which cause the reason of low sperm count.

10 Tips to Increase Sperm Count without Medication
  1. Wearing tight Dresses: It is important to know that wearing tight cloths all the times is not a good attitude. One may wear jeans etc. as per need but sleeping in the same tight dress is not a reasonable idea. It may sound weird but please let your testicles breathe because they need to be in a relaxing manner and not tight and overheated so they can perform their role in the production of sperms. Wearing a loose and cotton made boxer is better than a tight brief, especially while sleeping sleep without any innerwear and use a loose trouser or shorts.
  2. Wearing Jockstrap while Playing: Almost all of the men across the globe know this fact unanimously that a blow on one’s testicles causes great hurt. One may get seriously hurt if a fast cricket ball hits the genitals or the genitals are hit in any other way during sports. It can also effect in the production of sperms.
  3. Higher Stress Level: Men are supposed to earn a better living for themselves and for the family it makes many men to work for hours and hours daily. Remember, there is a limit of bodily exhaustion so try stress releasing exercises daily. Swimming, a walk in a lush green lawn or a session of yoga can be of good help. Make it sure that you have sufficient and peaceful sleep daily. Physical and mental stress can reduce your sexual ability and decrease the production of sperms also. A nice massage with herbal oils can also increase circulation of blood in all the body organs resultantly relaxing the body and increasing sperm production.
  4. Smoking and Drinking: Smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol both have killing effects on male sperm count. They make the sperm count decrease to a considerable proportion. Those who don’t smoke have an addition in sperm count by at least 22%. Alcohol directly affects the functions of liver and that has a dramatic hurt for sperm production. It is important to note that alcohol is declared prohibited (Haram) in Islam on the grounds that it causes damages on human body, money and wisdom.
  5. Unhealthy Ejaculation Behavior:  Frequent ejaculations utilize the sperms rapidly, so for those who are low in sperm count it is recommendable to store the sperms and ejaculate less. Masturbation not only causes the sperm count to be low but it can also cause other defects in the male organ.
  6. Toxic Chemicals and Medication: Those who work in factories or in other chemical affected areas shall avoid exposure to chemicals as much as it is possible. Exposure to chemicals highly affects sperm count and quality.
  7. Self-medication: Self Medication shall also be avoided because some medicines may lead to a decrease in sperm count. People with problem of low sperm count shall consult this smatter with their doctor even if they are taking medicine for some other illness. The labels fixed on medicines may also be helpful in this regard. A healthy diet plan and maintaining a routine of exercise can help in getting the sperm count increased. Let us discuss how one can get benefitted by exercise and diet.
  8. Regular Exercise: In the tough routines of modern life it is really difficult to maintain an exercise schedule on daily basis but it shall be maintained as it helps considerably in improving sperm count. Exercise keeps the body healthy and helps the body system in producing more sperms, as we mentioned above swimming, yoga, running and weight lifting exercises can be helpful a lot. In order to avoid a side effect and to get the maximum benefits an instructor shall be consulted for exercise patterns. Exercise is meant to keep the body healthy but too much weight lifting or excess of exhaustion in any other form can cause bad effects.
  9. Medical supplements: that are used by those who are in body building may affect negatively on the body. They may help in getting the body in desired shape but they may shrink the male genitals and resultantly male infertility. It is also said that fatty people are likely to have low sperm count by a ratio of 42%. There are many researches and studies that show that those who put on more weight are less fertile as compared to the smart ones.
  10.  Healthy Food: The diets having higher ratio of proteins are of good help as they cause the sperms to be created more rapidly. Fruits, white meat such as fish, eggs and vegetables are highly recommendable. Peanuts, cashews, walnuts are also helpful in higher production of sperms. Excessive intake of cold drinks is also harmful for sperm count.

Medical Treatment to Increase Sperm Count
The sperm count being low is a serious issue so proper medical treatment shall also be looked for. It may be a result of a serious illness and it cannot be cured without proper medication and treatment. If someone is affected by sexually transmitted infection or varicocele or there is an imbalance in hormones then a proper medical treatment is needed. The mentioned illnesses may cause the veins to swell and production and passage of sperm will be effected. If hormones are not in the proper balance a hormone replacement treatment is needed. Usage of antibiotics, supplements and herbs or surgical correction will do the needful but it is important that advice is taken from a medical practitioner and no self-medication shall be done. Self-medication can easily make the situation more complex instead of doing the correction. The treatments may take months to show the results so they shall be started well in time.

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