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12 Fascinating reasons to Visit Dubai, UAE

Dubai is as famous as New York. Dubai is source of attraction for visitors not only in Middle East or Asia but tourists from Europe and American states also crave to visit and see Dubai for shopping entertainment. It is a combination of superlatives, the best, and the largest and most expensive state in the world. It has combination of things to attract you. It is a dreamland for those who love fantasies, a joy land for adventure lovers and a huge attraction zone for lively people. It has most fine locations, most diversified varieties of products and open opportunities for life lovers. Hence, it is called the city of gold. The development and progress is on its peak in city. Foreign companies have vigorously invested capital in abundance. It is a city of modern people with innovative locations and a lot of attraction sources. Despite of modern development the city management is striving hard to preserve actual culture and tradition of Dubai. Dubai has activities and stuff for all kind of people. No matter you’re children, a girl, a lady with lots of plans for shopping or an old man. Dubai has its own schedule for activities for all age groups.

  1. Dubai has Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, it has desert oasis a living fantasy for artists and nature lovers. Burj Al Arab is one of major iconic landmark for tourists in Dubai. Dubai is hub for investors; it has stunning beaches, water sport location, indoor skiing and ice skating, cultural buildings, traditional fares and lots of other attractions for tourists across the globe. Despite of all above mentioned
  2. Stunning beaches, water sports, indoor skiing, ice skating, a host of desert activities, a growing arts and culture scene, and amazing cuisines that span the globe are just a few of the other things that make Dubai worth visiting. An investment of $ 20 billion makes the region best place for tourism and business purposes. Besides all these reasons, there are various other reasons which make Dubai a best to live in.
  3. Security: Dubai offers legitimate security to people residing there in order to facilitate their visits inside the State. The crime rate is minimum and proctection regime is strict. If you are living in Dubai you can easily move outside even during night time without any fear and hesitation.
  4. Weather: Though summers are not a favorable time to visit Dubai but winters offer a pleasant sight to have fun there. There are so many activities for tourists with reasonable charges for travelling and residence along with pleasant and suitable weather. Even summer is a period for celebration for European and American tourists.
  5. Safari Desert: One of the most attractions for tourists in Dubai is its large and illuminati desert “Desert Safari”. Everyone has a fantasy to visit desert and have camel ride while sunset is on its peak. These sights are attractive factors to urge tourists for visiting Dubai.
  6. Lavish Food: There are diversified nations visiting and residing UAE. About 200 different nationalities have their existence in state. This diversified lot of people introduces different and tasty foods and share their experiences with natives and tourists.
  7. Shopping: Dubai is famous for varieties of products and services.  It has been ranked as second largest retailer of world for consecutive three years. people visit UAE for all kind of shopping ranging from latest technology to luxury apartment and villas.
  8. Festivals: Dubai is a state of events and entertainment for all age groups. People have their opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones and strangers as well. It keeps on awaking 24/7 hours a week and people enjoy different festivals like The Rugby Sevens, European Tour golf, Dubai Cup horse racing, Dubai International Film Festival, Dubai Jazz Festival, Dubai Summer Surprises, Dubai Shopping Festival and so many other.
  9. Diversified activities: There is wide range of activities available for time spending in UAE. Ranging from Hot air balloon rides, skydiving, scuba diving, indoor skiing to swimming and shipwrecks, people have much to do and enjoy.
  10. Gold: Gold is one of the most prominent features of Dubai. It is called city of Gold. It is involved in 40 % trade of total gold trade internationally. Around 2,250 tons of the Gold passes through Dubai every year. Gold is a major attraction for people and one of the reason for visiting Dubai.
  11. Unique cultural norms: Dubai is a state rich with cultural norms of different nations and ethnicities. Dubai has a rich traditional and modern culture. Few known attractions for architecture lovers all over the world are Jumeirah Mosque on Beach Road, Dubai Museum, Sheikh Saeed al Maktoum House XVA Art Hotel  and many more.
  12. Hospitality: Dubai offers best hospitality services to tourists with luxurious resorts and hotels. Some of the famous hotels and resorts in Dubai are 7-star Burj Al Arab to the magnificent Atlantis, the Al Maha Desert Resort, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Bab Al Shams, Dusit Thani, Armani Hotel, Mina A’Salam and many others, the list goes long.

Concluding Dubai is a definitive worldwide terminus not simply topographically, additionally in every other aspect. It is an advanced city with profound roots leaked ever. The city with a brilliant heart is the fantasy end of the line of countless individuals over the globe, and for a million reasons.

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