Thursday, January 22, 2015

13 Problems of people who cannot save Money

Money saving- aah! A very difficult task indeed. Many of you out there must be feeling as if as soon as money comes in your hands, it vanishes! Don’t know where. Saving money for the future or to fulfill any goal, for retirement or other reasons is very important and there should definitely be a backup. It is rightly said that one should make up their mind to save anyhow. Coz it’s all about your mindset. These days not only our young generation but everyone in every age group is facing this problem of money saving. They just can’t help it. So you are not the only one in this league, there are many more who can relate to this same problem.  Money saving is just not their piece of cake. Following are some situations you might be going through and can relate to it. Share it to at least one person who does this kind of excuses with you.

  1. Lame excuses: Okay so you give very lame excuses just to defend yourself for not saving money. It might sound funny sometimes. Reasons like I will save in future when I earn more money or I can’t afford saving because I have so much to do or I don’t have any such goal to fulfill for which I should save. These reasons are just to satisfy their selves that you are doing it just right by not saving.
  2. Your account is always empty: You have empty bank accounts all the time and usually when out or going on shopping you give your debit card for payment and oh! What a shock you get when you find no money in your account and now you’ll handle this embarrassing situation. “Oh honey! I just don’t like this dress.”
  3. I am always busy: You avoid going to lunches, parties, dinners and hangouts. Because you have no money you just give excuses all the time by telling others that you are busy somewhere else or you have really important commitment. Poor souls! Their friends and relatives are well aware of this habit.
  4. More and more- never enough: No matter how much money you get or increase in salary you always have ways to spend the whole of it. Money is just not enough for you, the more you get, the more you spend.
  5. End of the month- toughest time: These money spending maniacs are never successful in saving money, not even at least till the end of month to pass it smoothly, and then they freak out!
  6. Overburdened with loans: Oh Gosh! When you can’t save and you are short of money, you take loans. And repaying them with interest is just a very difficult task and that’s why these overburdened souls can’t just manage to save money, after all loans should be paid first!
  7. Avoiding credit cards and bank statements: You just play hide n seek with your bank statements and credit cards. The more you see them the more stressed you get. Locking credit/debit cards is what you do to avoid embarrassing situations.
  8. Let’s calculate: When you are left with nothing, you just decide to calculate where all the money went. You just can’t reach to proper calculations and lose track of your spending.
  9. Sales-here you go: Hurray! Sale. You wait for end of season sales and discounts,  run crazily after them because that’s how you might manage to shop and save together at the same time.
  10. Worried about future: No matter how much you try you can’t save enough and you are always worried about future and no savings. But still this is not enough to motivate you to save.
  11. See good-buy it: Whenever you catch on something good, in stores or online you just rush to buy it without even giving it a second thought. Afterwards you just regret it.
  12. I am trying! When someone tells you to save and points for spending too much you just explain that you are trying to save and taking baby steps and it’ll take some time.
  13. Flood of payments: You feel suffocated in between bills and payments which come all at. Why God Why?! Mostly you buy things on monthly installments for easier payment coz you don’t have enough to buy at once.


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