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13 Reasons for Learning Arabic in Saudi Arabia

If you are new to the Kingdom it may be best to get yourself aware of the local language spoken here. Even if you have been living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a while now and yet haven't gotten yourself familiarized with the local language you shouldn't be wasting any more time. Today's article will enlighten and inspire you with 13 good reasons why you should start learning Arabic. Hopefully by the end of this read you will start practicing, so get initiated and enjoy! We have also shared in a previous post about some basic Arabic words which you should at least know while living in Saudi Arabia. You can learn these words from this link “Learn Basic Arabic Words in Saudi Arabia

13 Reasons for Learning Arabic in Saudi Arabia
  1. Learning the language of the locals will make you feel more confident in your dealings. Being an Expat you would be able to do much of the work yourself without going around asking favors. You can handle every single situation yourself without getting yourself frustrated. Expats have to visit Jawazat, MOFA, Chamber of Commerce and many other offices for their work. You will always find them blaming them for the lacking of cooperativeness. Believe me; they are not cooperative because you don’t understand them. If you learn their language, you will find same Saudis very cooperative.
  2. It will be a very good experience especially for Muslims to learn Arabic language since Holy Quran is in Arabic. By learning Arabic, they will be able to understand it while reciting.
  3. In work environment, the contracts are written in Arabic language. Even if they are written in two languages, (Arabic + English) and there is some difference in English translation of the Arabic contract and you sign the English version of the contract, the Arabic language contract prevails. You did not understand it and trusted on translation and signed it. But believe me, they are not concerned with it. It is your mistake they you did not learn Arabic. I have dealt such an issue in this link “Legality of English / Arabic Employment Contract

  4. Arabic language is the fifth most spoken language in the world. That means that nearly fifty countries in the entire world have this language as their official. By learning this language you can stay connected.
  5. Learning a new language can be a challenge for you. Put yourself to the test and make sure that you fulfill this challenge. You can learn the basic alphabets and keep treating yourself for everyone; this will be a source of motivation for you.
  6. Learning a new language will make your brain function properly. This way you'll know well how much you can memories and how much you need to improve your memory.
  7. You may be getting fooled by the shop keepers thinking that you aren't familiar with the language. Learn the basic numbers and know exactly what each digit stands for. Save yourself your money and keep buying yourself your happiness.
  8. Show your Saudi friends and relatives that you have been putting up an effort to fit into their lifestyle properly. Learn a few words in Arabic such as Thank you, Sorry, Welcome etc. This will increase your respect in their eyes.
  9. By learning the language one can bridge cultural gaps. There are plenty of Saudis that like to chat with the foreigners but the problem here that occurs is the communication gap. If you could possibly take down this barrier you would be surprised and amazed by what they have to offer.
  10. While travelling around the city you'll know exactly what each sign along the roads and streets means. How amazing will that be? It'll be like you own the city just like the rest of the Saudis.
  11. When you learn something and accomplish something that may seem difficult or hard at first, you will happy and your sense of satisfaction will automatically gain a boost!
  12. It is okay to show off in front of your friends back in your home country. We all do it and there is no shame in hiding it. Everyone boosts about their accomplishments every once in a while.
  13. You can take this opportunity to bond with your children even more. In this era people and children don't get to do an activity together. This will not only make you both learn something new but also be a lot of fun.
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