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14 Most Romantic Restaurants in Riyadh

When one comes to the thought of romance and especially when they are situated in Saudi Arabia, I'm sure you would simply laugh. However what I've observed is that Riyadh has many restaurants that do bring out the romance. I'm not talking about something that isn't real and today's read will prove it. Listed below are the 14 most romantic restaurants situated in Riyadh which will always be lighted up especially during the Second week of February because of valentines.

The Globe, Cristal and Cigar Lounge Faisaliyah Tower
This restaurant probably has the most beautiful views in town. You can dine high above, easily viewing the city lights served by food from the most top chefs from around the world accompanied with a beautiful setting. The most different thing about this restaurant is that ladies have the freedom to take of their Abayas if they wish to. This restaurant holds an annual culinary festival few times a year called ‘Global Summit’ so make sure you do not miss this event out.

Spazio, Italian restaurant, Kingdom Tower
Spazio has the second most authentic views in town where you can enjoy sushi along with the chance to walk on the Sky Bridge. You will find vibrant views of Riyadh along with good food and lovely ambiance.

Mondo Italian restaurant, Intercontinental Hotel
This is amongst the very few restaurants you'll find in Saudi Arabia that has the option to dine in by the pool side accompanied by beautiful romantic and passionate music. You'll have fantastic desserts and well-presented food with candles that makes the whole scene more pleasant.

Appetit Kitchen Tahlia Street
Paris is the divine city of romance. How pleasant would it be to have a delicious dinner in Paris? Simply irreplaceable! This restaurant beings out the perfect taste of Paris with the cozy atmosphere, sophisticated music, candle lit dinner and dimmed lights.

Cento Per Cento Italian on Olaya Street
This restyled restaurant offers you to book your own private decorated room with a seven course menu if you plan to spend the whole evening out.

Fairuz Garden King Fahad Road
This Restaurant serves exquisite Lebanese food with beautiful interiors, dimmed lights, blue colours in all and a bit of light music.

Maya La Chocolaterie Ourouba Road
If you enjoy chocolate like the world this is the ideal location. This is the ultimate destination for all chocolate lovers serving an extensive menu of pure please and indulgence in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

L’Olimpo Italian restaurant end of Tahlia Street, Dhabab Road
This restaurant gives you an ideal Paris look. It seems that it is situated in some small idyllic village which has delicate decorations inside with fountains all over. You can have the choice of sitting outside or in a private room.

Hediard Tahlia Street
Hediard offers you to dine in under the stars with the family section, situated on its roof top on Tahlia Street with exceptional food and good service.

Azurro Italian,Ritz Carlton
This has the perfect Italian set up with the inside poolside withe your table. This set up offers you Six Star service which has no comparison to any other restaurant in Riyadh. The food is served by Italian Chefs that compliment well to the beautiful decor and views. The pool is closed for visitors during dining offers thus it's all you could want.

Lenotre Cafe, Centria Mall 3rd floor
This has some of the best desserts in town especially when it comes to chocolate. This cafe has a terrace dining where you can have a clear view of Olaya Street and Kingdom Tower and Faisaliyah on either side.

La Vela italian, Centria Mall 3rd floor
This restaurant also offers a terrace dining with a view of Tahlia Street and Faisaliyah Tower. It has a beautiful intimate setting with candles, dim lights and delicious finger licking desserts.

Amore Tahlia Street
Amore Tahlia has the widest and most delicious range of pizzas and pastas. The service here is excellent where the dinner is served in a modern manner.

Scalinis Italian in Diplomatic Quarters
This restaurant is located in the Fazari Plaza, open of everyone serving Italian. This is also one of the safest places to avoid Mutawas and so females can remove their abayas if they wish to do so. This has a nice decor with good food too.

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