Friday, January 30, 2015

16 Most Terrifying and Creepy Places around the World

The Earth is wide platform with a lot of things that are undiscovered as yet even after so many centuries. A man can possibly not know everything about the world no matter how many states, countries or continents he has explored. The Earth is a voyage where you will definitely discover something new every day. Where there are mountains and hills there are rivers and oceans, where you find trees and plants you'll find different species of birds and insects. Today's read will however take you away from all the things that are colorful and beautiful and put you in 16 places that will creep you out. This collection is a specially compiled article for those readers who want to travel and discover much just by sitting home. Today I will be sharing the creepiest and most terrifying places from around the world that will give you a little shiver down your spine. Make sure you aren't alone while reading this, especially not in an empty dark room. Hope you deliver shivers!

Hashima Island- Japan
This was home to thousands of workers on the Island who were there because of a coal mine. As the coal ran out in 1974 they quickly evacuated the Island. Now you can take a virtual tour of the Island by logging on to the website.

Hanging Coffins of Sagada- Philippines
The Igorot tribe has been placing the dead in coffins rather than burying them. They hang their coffins on the sides of hills for over a century now thinking that this is a way of bringing them close to their ancestral spirits along with keeping the bodies of their loved ones safe.

Abandoned City of Pripyat- Ukraine
After the Chernobyl Nuclear Experiment in the area this city of evacuated immediately. This city had a total population of nearly 50,000 people but now all that is left are empty buildings and creepy playgrounds with ferries that won't be used any time soon.

Island of the Dolls- Mexico
The caretaker of this Island by the name of Don Julian Santana had found a body of a girl that had drowned in the surrounding waters. He found her doll floating on the water surface and hung it in the trees a sign of respect and show support. For fifty years till his death by drowning in the same surrounding waters he continued to hang dolls and now the tourists continue on the legacy.

Cambridge Military Hospital- England
This hospital remained open from 1878 till 1996 after eventually it was closed down because it became very costly to manage and the asbestos in the walls of the hospital.

Suicide Forest- Japan
This particular forest has had over 500 suicides cases within the last fifty years. Now this forest has a number of signs that try to talk out people who come here to take away their life. The messages usually are that they should think about their children and families, their own parents before doing anything and that they should consult the police before they wish to die etc.

Beelitz-Heilstatten Red Army Military Hospital- Germany
This is a large complex having nearly 60 buildings, all abandoned except a few that are still in use. This hospital was used during the First World War and it has been said that Adolph Hitler had been a patient here as well.

The Catacombs- Paris
Underneath all the glimmer glam stores and beautiful restaurants that cover the streets of Paris is a 200 mile long pathway that has nearly the remains of six million bodies all piled up. This pathway has been built by 6 million human skulls.

West Virginia State Penitentiary
This is an old gothic style Jail that was retired in 1995. This place will give you the creeps for sure especially after knowing that nearly a hundred executions took place here. You can take a tour of the building if you want and if you have the guts to since there have been rumors of ghosts within here.

Akodessewa Fetish Market- Togo
This market will allow you to find any part of any animal that you may ever needed for voodoo. The healers offer to make you a powder by grinding the animal parts with some herbs and blazing them over a fire. The black powder is then rubbed over three cuts that are made over the back or chest over you. This certainly doesn't sound fun at all to me. What about you?

Plague Island- Italy
Poveglia is the name if this Island that is situated near to Venice which served as quarantine for nearly 160,000 people during the plague of 1793 to 1814. The lands of this Island have many graves of the victims of the plague. Also it was heard that Napoleon, who was born to party stored his weapons on this Island. Saving the best for last this Island had a mental hospital whose doctor had killed and tortured many of its patients from 1922 to 1968.

Fire Mummies- Philippines
High up in the mountains of Timbak are the mummies that have been preserved in their fetal positions in their original egg shaped coffins. It takes a five hour long car ride to get to the top of the mountain and then a five hour long hike up towards the caves where they are kept.

Leap's Castle- Ireland
This is found to be a very unlucky place amongst the people since a priest was killed here by his own brother in cold blood. It is also known as one of the most haunted castles of the world because of the gruesome deaths that have occurred here. Now it is known as the ‘Bloody Chapel’ by the locals.

Sanctuary of Tophet- Tunisia
This is a place where you will find thousands of graves of children who were offered as a sacrifice during families’ hard times. All these sacrifices date back to the Punic period of cartage that give you chills especially knowing that parents killed their own children.

Snake Island- Brazil
The worst thing to get creped off by are snakes and this particular Island has a snake every one meter. The snakes are extremely poisoning, golden lance head vipers that are the most venomous snakes in the entire world. The last people to survive on this Island where the lighthouse keepers and his family who eventually ended up dead later because of the snake bites. Now this Island is Uninhabited and will remain that way.

City of the Dead- Russia
This particular city looks very calm. You'll find a hundred village houses on the hillside that look very beautiful but it is only till you take a look inside the houses of each where you'll find bones on of the people living there. You may even find a few with their belongings or clothes.


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