Sunday, January 4, 2015

20 Most Amusing Laws around the World

Laws are maintained across the globe to bring order in respective societies. People all over the world criticize Saudi Arabia for having some laws which are not normal in other parts of the world. Saudis have been criticized for Saudization and many other things. But other parts of the world are not very clean in this regard. There are such bizarre laws listening about those one might think why they are still not changed or why not being changed by legislators. Let us share some examples of such weird laws from all over the globe.

  1. The USA
    • It is illegal for a radio station in Maryland, to play the song ‘Short People’ sung by Randy Newman
    • In the state of California, women are not allowed to drive while wearing a house coat.
    • It is interesting to know that New York is very much concerned about saving Human Lives so if someone jumps off a building the penalty is Death.
    • Florida State authorities declare that it is illegal on Thursdays to fart at any public place after 6’O Clock in evening.
  2. Australia
    • In Victoria, one cannot change an expired light bulb if he is not having a license of being a qualified electrician.
    • It is also interesting to know that to wear pink hot pants is also forbidden on the Sundays.
    • Many people use to name their animals but it is illegal in Australia to give name to an animal if the owner has intention of eating it.
  3. England
    • It is illegal to place the postage stamp in such a posture that the head of monarch is upside down. It is being considered as an act of treason.
    • If a whale is found on British seashore, its head is considered as property of the King as per law and the Queen is the legal owner of its tail.
    • It is also illegal to die in the premises of any of the houses of Parliament.
  4. Switzerland
    • Human beings may be free in doing their moves based on human needs at any time but when in Switzerland one has to be conscious.
    • The state authorities consider the noise pollution a big danger for human beings so after 10 in night it is illegal to flush a toilet in an apartment.
  5. France
    • Selling dolls which do not bear a human face on them is against the French law.
    • It is also illegal to marry a person who is already dead.
  6. Canada: It is declared mandatory that at least one among every five songs that are being on aired on radio needs to be sung by a singer of Canadian origin.
  7. Portugal: People are allowed to enjoy the luxury or beach, they can relax in the Sun, can swim in the ocean but peeing in the ocean is illegal.
  8. Italy: The government is kind enough with dogs so the people who have dogs as pets are legally bound to take their dog on a walk thrice a day at least.
  9. China: Adult children in China are going to face legal charges if they are not “often” visiting their parents. They are also bound by law to attend spiritual needs of their parents.
  10. Dubai: Extra marital affairs may not be having a serious crime in any other country but in Dubai those having extramarital affairs are likely to be behind bars.
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