Tuesday, January 20, 2015

5 Ways you are un-knowingly killing your Husband

Marriage is a huge responsibility which not only brings two people closer together but at times ties them spiritually and emotionally as well. If you ask me, marriage is one of the most honest relationships one can have and one can attain though this honesty all depends on the spouses. If they stay faithful and honest, walla! their marriage will go on happily for years but this shouldn't be forgotten that only one mistake can cause holes inside the boat and won't take long for the boat to drown. Today's read will make you aware of how you are probably killing your marriage without even knowing it.

  1. Withholding Physical Affection: I may not want to sound a lot cheesy but this is a very important factor in marriage. Spending time with your husband and being romantic is okay. If you don't please them, who else should you? Sex isn't just a way of getting closer to one another but it's also a way of trusting one another. You may not even be in the mood to just cuddle around but you need to when your husband wants some time with you. This way you'll also be working on putting your husband first.
  2. Living outside your Budget: Many wives have a habit to put their choices first and not really care about whether they can afford it or not. Our husbands put a lot of effort and hard work to earn for us and it doesn’t give us the honest right to spend it all on something that isn't important. Maybe your husband can offer you to spend it on something you you've been having your eyes on but if you know it's too much simply decline and show him that it’s okay. That's the effort and love that counts. Your husband will not only consider you to be wise but will make sure he surprises you soon enough.
  3. Negativity: Wives love to complain about anything that happens in their lives. It’s probably in their nature to talk about all the things that happen in their life or that had welcomed them throughout the day. What’s not nice about this to collect all of it and give in to your husband when he comes back home after working tirelessly throughout the day. You'll fill him with constant negativity about your dishwasher or something your best friend said or something your children did. He's probably stressed about having a bad day himself but your constant complaining will drive him insane. Having a bad day and complaining once is okay but make sure you don't make it a habit.
  4. Putting Everything First: Wives are fine at first but after having children they tend to forget that their husband needs their attention just as much. Once a mother you tend to circle your whole life around their children and other social circles forgetting everything else. This will only give your husband the impression that he isn't important for you. That is probably the worst feeling anyone would feel that he or she is unwanted. Fix this now.
  5. Not Talking Your Mind: This is probably the most important thing in any relationship. Talking and speaking your mind. Men have a habit to talk about their mind directly and simply. They don't put a lot of hints like women have a habit of doing. Make sure you are honest with your husband and speak your mind so of there is a problem that needs addressing it can be dealt with patience and once can come up with a solution as soon as possible.

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