Sunday, January 25, 2015

6 Unknown Funny Facts about Farting

Whether someone admits it or not, it is a fact that everybody does fart. Farts are a very common bodily characteristic. It is also interesting to know that fart is one of the ancient words of English vocabulary. Let us discuss some of the funny facts related to farts such as why do farts happen, why a pungent smell is related to them etc. Every day we consume a considerable amount of carbohydrates through fruits, vegetables and grains, some of them remain undigested because of absence of the necessary proteins in our body. These carbohydrates are used by microbes in the large intestine and in this process of fermentation, a gas is produced and that comes out of our body in the shape of farts. Many of the foods that we consume in our daily routine contain these carbohydrates and in the end a lot of gas is produced. One may not believe but studies of medical science show that most of the human beings pass gas daily that is between 500 millimeters to 1,500 millimeters.

  1. Farts are Highly Inflammable: As we have just mentioned farts are composed of many gases and because of such gases they are easy ignitable. The gases such as methane and hydrogen gas are highly inflammable and they can make the gas produced (during farts) highly ignitable. Some people are of the view that it is quite a fun to hold a lighter near their bums and then fart and show a fire work produced, but it is highly risky so any other show of fireworks shall be arranged rather endangering a sensitive part of human body.
  2. Average People Fart 10 to 20 Times a Day: Average human beings fart 10 to 20 times daily and as we just discussed the farts being odorless are less noticed. Though some people will not agree but women fart just as men do. A detailed study proves that women tend to have more gas production than the men, for this purpose men and women were made to eat same food but the farts reaction was more in women than in men.
  3. Farts Smell: It is again an interesting fact that only one percent of the farts smells bad and because of this less percentage of smell people realizes very less gas than they in fact pass daily. 99 percent of the fart is composed of odorless gases such as Carbon dioxide gas, Hydrogen and Methane gases and rest of the one percent components for example Hydrogen sulfide contain sulfur in them and it is sulfur that makes them stink. Many foods like Beans, broccoli, dairy products and onions contain carbohydrates which create sulfurous gases when they are consumed by bacteria in human body.
  4. In some Cultures Fart is not a Big Deal: Most of the cultures find it really bad to fart but there are some civilizations who don’t mind letting the farts get their space in public rather they seem to be enjoying the farts. It will be interesting to know that in an Indian tribe living in the south of America people fart for each other as a sign of greeting. The emperor of ancient Rome, Claudius passed a law that allowed the people to fart in public. He did this because he thought that holding a fart may harm human health.
  5. Smell of One’s Own Fart is not annoying: Usually people don’t mind the smell of their own fart however situation may be different if they fart in public. There are many simple reasons for that, for example mothers get less annoyed rather they don’t get annoyed at all with their own child’s bowel however the case will be different if they are to handle some other child. Another reason is that we just get familiar of our own odors, someone may notice a smell while entering someone else’s house but the case is totally different with own home. All of us notice the perfume used by anyone else but the one sprayed on our own clothes gives no impression to our own nostrils.
  6. Some other interesting facts about farts: No one can hold the fart for unlimited time as it is a fact that they will disappear for the time being and will go out of your body while sleeping. Though farts come out of body at variable velocities but they have been noted to be blown at a speed of 10 feet per second. Termites are the highest productive units of farts as compared to any other animal.

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