Thursday, January 22, 2015

6 Ways - How Life has changed in Saudi Arabia from 1990’s till now

We are now part of the 21st Century that is somehow the best time period man wants to live in. When some people wonder about how their life would have been without electricity or how could they have survived without Cable and Television make them tear up. Though the children from our century have even gotten so advanced that they have technically forgotten the glory of playing with action figures and toys that remain with us for a long time. I mean how can one forget the first time they rode a bicycle? Though sadly now they only remember when they took their first stroke on an iPad. With the years passing by quickly we seem to notice but neglect that everything that was once gold is replaced whether it be technologies or whether it be people. Our priorities begin to change so much that we somehow can't understand the context of what our lives may be without the ones that matter most. Today's read is a little collection of flashbacks and how our time is now. This read is particularly there to tell us exactly how much our lives have transformed which I don't consider to be that fun, not anymore. However many of you will obviously beg to differ.

  1. Although, life has become a lot easy too, for instance going for the early morning bathroom break with piles of Newspapers. Now you simply have a phone and you have nearly 30 notifications, 15 text messages, 56 WhatsApp messages and 6 snaps to reply to. Your time will pass by so well, trust me.
  2. Speaking of Twitter, tweeting not long ago meant the chirping of the birds, now it means tweeting a status or so. See the difference? It's pretty obvious but obviously we'll take Twitter over Tweet since it’s what we need most now. Don't we?
  3. Not too long ago our lives were much more personal. What we ate, drink, watch was all what we did then and there only. Our friends and family who weren't there wouldn't ever know except for if they were there with us. Though now the whole world will know exactly what we ate, when we ate, where we ate, with whom we ate all thanks to social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter.
  4. Not too long ago we used to watch and listen to movies and songs over a tape recorder that just kept rolling. Now it's more of buffering. The little icon does keep rolling on the screen while our song is loading but it doesn't make us happy as the rolling of the tape did.
  5. Not very long ago we liked going in for Marathons, we raced and kept ourselves fit. Now it is exactly the opposite. Marathons now mean watching a TV serious from episode 1 to 30 all in one day! This obviously affects your health and makes you lazy and fat. Yes, I mean Fat only. For this you may need to take a tablet and NO I don't mean taking a Samsung tablet in your belly, just a normal tablet to keep you healthy.
  6. Now we have the freedom to choose. You remember that time when we only had one type of coffee? Well now we have expresso, decaf, latte, hot chocolate and what not. Then we had calculators, notepads, phonebooks, landline telephone, television, computers and what not. Now we have a simple Cellphone for all of this and much more!


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